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3 Steps to Successful Product Concept Testing

In the 1950’s, Ford invested $350 million ($3.1 billion in today’s rates) in the Edsel. The company ran consumer polls, but managers ignored the research. Instead, they ran a hype-filled marketing campaign. When the product launched, even its revolutionary features like Teletouch transmission and electronic controls were not enough to save it. The Edsel was […]

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Accelerating Experience Management

Getting answers and acting quickly on customer, employee, brand, and product experiences Remember when building a website was time consuming? I’ve worked around developers, designers, and scientists for a long time. And I’ve watched that process hundreds of times — a creative concept is submitted, then a talented team translates the designed lines and colors […]

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Survey Questions 101: Do You Make These 7 Mistakes?

Details, details, details. Creating surveys that yield actionable insights is about details. And writing effective survey questions is the first step. We see common mistakes that keep survey questions from being effective all the time. These problems span various survey question types from rating scale questions to open-ended to multiple choice. Here are the 7 […]

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Three Ways to Price Products for Maximum Profitability

In the 1990’s, hard disk drive producers invested $6.5 billion in product research and development over four years. Their investment resulted in tremendous breakthroughs, improving storage capacity a thousandfold. As hardware storage increased, the price per surface area dropped 70 percent. As a result, these organizations realized net losses of $800 million, because they failed […]

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How a Design Agency Turned Creativity on Its Head With Conjoint Analysis & Ad Testing

UK-based design agency Linney is making waves in the industry with a new approach that uses conjoint analysis to give their clients certainty when it comes to knowing how their campaigns will perform.  If you’ve ever worked at a creative agency, you’ll know the scene. You’re gathered around the table at a pitch, the team […]

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Launching New Products the New Balance Way

For most of history, shoes were made to protect people’s feet from the outside elements. Today, they have evolved from something to keep your feet warm, to status symbols where design is just as important (if not more) as functionality. The sneaker world is booming from millennial demand and professional athletes launching their own brands […]

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