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The best places to shop these holidays

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny shopping in the holiday season is big business. For retailers there’s more than 700 billion dollars up for grabs. In the rush to claim their share, we consistently see brands launching unique offerings and campaigns at this time of year. To help you get ahead of the […]

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Improving patient experience by engaging your employees

When I was a chief experience officer, I often told front-line leaders to stop focusing on patient experience and invest their energy in their employees. Healthcare organizations (HCOs) have long been focused on improving patient experience. They have set up elaborate systems to listen to their patients and families, redesigned their incentive programs to align […]

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Altair Global- redefining relocation as an ‘experience’

Scour the internet for a list of major life changes and you’re bound to find ‘moving’ right up there. For Altair Global, a global mobility company, experience management (XM) is the key to providing premier journeys for their customers, clients, partners, and team members. We caught up with SVP of Customer Experience, Kelly Tepera, to […]

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5 best practices for coaching frontline employees to deliver exceptional CX

“Customer-facing staff are the human face of your CX strategy, and they play a make or break role in the quality of day to day experiences. Here’s how to help them perform at their best. When staff are happy, engaged and on board with your CX strategy, great things can happen. Here are five practices […]

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Please hold, this contact center isn’t ready to deliver breakthrough CX

Customer care teams have the power to deliver breakthrough experiences, and our latest research shows just how much customers value them. But despite their potential, they lag behind other business investments. Find out how making the right investments in your service center culture can turn yours from a necessary cost center into a key brand […]

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Your employee feedback might be just the thing your customers want

Frontline employees often know your customers best. And their ideas can lead to breakthrough moments – just ask Sony, Microsoft, and 3M who’ve all seen major breakthroughs in the past thanks to employee feedback. Find out how listening to employees could be the difference in delivering world-class customer experiences at your organization. Let’s face it, […]

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