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How to improve the E-commerce customer experience

E-commerce shopping has changed the retail landscape as more and more consumers are looking for convenience, variety, and competitive pricing. E-commerce sales are projected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021, which proves that this massive shift from traditional retail is not going away anytime soon. This year, Toys R Us and Babies Are Us closed […]

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Customer Experience practices B2B should steal from B2C

Most best practices for customer experience research methodology comes from contexts where organizations are attempting to measure individuals (consumers, citizens, employees, etc). With huge numbers of potential respondents and a wealth of studies into the best measurement approaches, there are many benchmarks and best practices from which to derive high-quality data collection methodologies in B2C […]

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Why Amazon is A Leader in Customer Experience

Amazon Prime day is upon us once more, and as the world’s biggest online retailer looks set to sell more products than ever before, it’s important to remember what got Amazon where they are – no, it’s not the products… it’s the service. For over twenty years, Amazon has set the standards in e-commerce with […]

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18 Customer Experience Stats to Know in 2018

A product is a product is a product is a product. Except when it’s more than that. In a market inundated with choices regarding every product imaginable, it’s no longer enough for companies to rely on unique selling points or brand strength. Almost more than a product, a company must sell an experience. And that […]

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5 Ways to Improve your Customer Service Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is the future of business and companies who don’t get on board will have trouble competing in an evolving marketplace. In a Deloitte research study, customers who enjoy positive experiences are likely to spend 140% more than customers who report negative NPS scores and remain customers for five years longer. As companies […]

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6 Website Feedback Survey Tips for UX Research & CRO

Website feedback surveys, or web intercepts as some people call them, are a qualitative way of collecting data on your website about why a user is performing (or not performing) an action. There are a lot of different formats these surveys can be fired in a website and depending on what you are trying to […]

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