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Get the latest opinions from our customer experience experts and explore the stories behind some of the breakthrough brands turning customers into fans.

From Disney to doctors: The uncommon path of a patient experience leader

The notion of consumer-driven healthcare can be a hot-button issue for many in the industry. While some healthcare providers are hesitant to see patients as consumers, the reality is that patients are...

By Qualtrics

How to use patient surveys to improve your healthcare service

Patient surveys are a key driver for enhancing the patient experience and meeting regulatory requirements around patient satisfaction. Find out what patient surveys you can use across the patient jour...

By Qualtrics

Ask the experts: 3 answers to popular B2B CX questions

The disruption of 2020 caused new behaviors, new purchase drivers, and new consumer expectations. We asked a panel of experts for their advice on managing the new challenges of CX for B2B. Hear mor...

By Qualtrics

Quest Diagnostics: Empowering patients through experiences and information

Patients have more choice than ever before – in everything from their doctors to the type of lab work they get. To secure customer loyalty – and elevate the care journey – healthcare organizatio...

By Qualtrics

MMA Deep Dive: The trends shaping consumer experience

Josh Lee, VP, Head of Digital CX, Fashionphile was joined by Bruce Temkin, CCXP, XMP, Director of Qualtrics XM Institute to discuss the trends shaping consumer experience and what they mean for brands...

By Qualtrics

Certified Questions: Expert-designed, more reliable results

Certified Questions prepare organizations to be inclusive and exhaustive, without exhausting your targeted audience. In the world of research, it has become imperative that we capture the right voi...

By Qualtrics

From measurement to management: why investing in improving relationship health pays dividends

Learn why customer relationship measurement isn’t enough - and why customer relationship health management is the new way to create impactful experiences. Customer relationships form the heart of...

By Qualtrics

How three financial service providers are using XM to improve their customer and employee experience

One of the headline findings from our recent study into the state of customer experience in financial services in Asia Pacific (APAC’s) was that, despite relatively high levels of consumer satisfact...

By Harish Agarwal

The definitive guide to improving patient satisfaction

Learn how patient satisfaction has evolved, and how you can start using patient satisfaction surveys as part of a wider effort to improve the end-to-end patient experience with our ultimate guide. ...

By Susan Haufe

Understand every voice: How to use XM in health insurance contact centers

Health insurers are eager for greater insight into how members feel when they call, live chat, or text. Capturing far more than the words can unlock a treasure trove of actionable insights and informa...

By Elizabeth ErkenBrack Ph.D.

The experience transformation underway at Standard Chartered

As we saw in the countless examples at Qualtrics’ WorkDifferent event, there are two critical capabilities that help set organizations and governments apart in our rapidly changing world. First, ...

By Harish Agarwal

3 things we learned about student experience at the Experience Symposium

At the Qualtrics Experience Symposium, we heard from thought leaders and educators about new approaches to student experience that spanned everything from supporting student well-being and improving t...

By Qualtrics

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