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Analysis and Insights for CX Leaders

CX Insights: How to Align the Front Line in Three Steps

Customer experience management is only for the determined: 70% of all customer experience transformations fail, according to research by McKinsey and Co. And of those failures, 72% can be attributed to employee resistance and unsupportive leadership behaviors. Ron Ritter and Will Enger from McKinsey & Company outline three steps to align front-line behaviors with the […]

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6 Prerequisites for New Business Software

Modern businesses rely on technology operate more smoothly, create better relationships with both employees and customers, and ultimately to drive higher profits. Accordingly, they thrive on software that helps them track things efficiently, manage items and people, and get things done more easily. Obviously, there are thousands of different types of software and different choices […]

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Insight Summit: Choose Your Track

Whether you’re a first-year analyst or a world-renowned scientist, the Qualtrics Insight Summit has a stage for you. Last year more than 2,300 attendees made Summit the one-stop event for insight leaders at every stage of sophistication. 2017 will be even bigger with three tracks, world-famous thought leaders on the main stage, and more than […]

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In-the-Moment Feedback: Better Than That Yearly Survey

Instantaneous reactions are becoming the norm. Think tweets, likes, and the ever-expanding emoji screen. Certainly, customers expect us to reply as quickly as they can type on their smartphones. If they are sharing their thoughts on social media or in an email to you, these customers want an answer immediately. Sometimes sooner. You no longer […]

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5 Customer Experience Hacks for Small Teams

You already offer a great service at a great price, but that may not be enough to keep your customers coming back for more, or motivate them to tell friends and family about your business. If you want to reap the full value of a customer, give them a memorable customer experience—one that goes beyond […]

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