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How a Washington school district used data to survive everything from budget cuts to a pandemic

A year ago, Vancouver Public Schools — a large school district in Washington State that serves over 23,000 students — was confronting some serious budget cuts. The district was faced with what ...

By Liesl Nielsen

Cleveland Clinic and NewYork-Presbyterian on healthcare in a pandemic

Healthcare organizations around the world are facing new challenges and opportunities during this pandemic, pushing them to reimagine the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and payers. Wha...

By Catherine Thurtle

How Peloton pivoted the business in 36 hours

A story of reinvention in a crisis. Peloton had to react and adapt to preserve the member experience, the foundation on which their business was built. Brad Olson, Chief Membership Officer, Peloton, e...

By Harry Gough

How a Texas program for women and children reached clients and kept them coming back

All content and comments included in this piece were independently gathered by a Qualtrics representative based on a virtual session presented by the Texas WIC at the National WIC Association Annual C...

By Liesl Nielsen

Most parents will send kids back to school — with hesitation, Qualtrics study finds

Parents are faced with a tough decision: Send their kids to school during an ongoing pandemic or keep them home and continue the often difficult process of remote learning. According to the latest Qua...

By Liesl Nielsen

Finding your voice: Why communication in times of transformation matters now more than ever

In these unprecedented times, and as coronavirus prompts epic social and economic transformation, communication is more critical than ever. Not only what we communicate, but how we communicate can mak...

By Carolyn Galvin

What is customer acquisition cost (CAC) and How to calculate it

Every customer you attract costs money, and getting the balance right between how much you pay to attract a customer, and how much that customer is worth to your business is one of the most important ...

By Joe Martin

Sentiment analysis: What it is and how to use it to improve customer experiences

Survey results, customer reviews, social media mentions, oh my. It’s a feedback-driven world, and our brands are just living in it. The days of relying on a great product or service to do your br...

By Sarah Fisher

How to improve your HCAHPS survey results

Go beyond measurement and get a system of action that will help boost your HCAHPS scores and improve your patients’ experiences. Learn More About XM Solutions for Healthcare We know that captu...

By Susan Haufe

6 things tech companies should know about experience management (XM)

Customers love high tech, but they sometimes don’t love their experiences with it. However, when tech companies get experience management (XM) right, they’re richly rewarded. Here’s what you nee...

By Catherine Thurtle

Most people aren’t ready to go back to the office yet, but they’re feeling more confident returning to normal life

More than 60% of workers say they’d feel uncomfortable returning to a workplace right now Three out of five people who switched to remote work during the pandemic said they prefer working at home...

By Liesl Nielsen

Podcast: Digital customer experience learnings in a time of crisis

Sebastian McClintock, Director of Customer Experience from Delivery Hero shares how customer insights are driving real-time shifts to business strategy during the current pandemic and setting the comp...

By Clay Warren

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