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3 things we learned about student experience at the Experience Symposium

At the Qualtrics Experience Symposium, we heard from thought leaders and educators about new approaches to student experience that spanned everything from supporting student well-being and improving t...

By Qualtrics

QR codes for exceptional in-store customer experience

2020 certainly delivered some surprises. One was the resurrection of the QR code, which went from being a quaint-but-clunky marketing device in the early 2000s to a slick, touchless solution, invaluab...

By Qualtrics

Global consumer trends: how the pandemic changed the world and what we’ve learned for the future

The global pandemic changed the way we interact with each other – and with brands. Driven by emotional and transactional needs, consumers across the world have demonstrated their values – and indi...

By Qualtrics

How customer experience learnings helped Veolia improve the employee experience

As we move forward through the global pandemic, it’s important business leaders continue to meet frequently in order to make the fast, agile business decisions that are increasingly critical to succ...

By Steve Bennetts

Bringing healthcare into the future with the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network

The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network is tackling the human side of healthcare. By using data, they’re able to change healthcare for the better, not just for patients, ...

By Qualtrics

Patient experience drives trust and advocacy

Today marks the beginning of Patient Experience Week. This week is a globally recognized event that celebrates the healthcare workers who impact patient experience every day. It is a week near and dea...

By Bruce Temkin, Susan Haufe

WorkDifferent 2021: Design the experiences people want next

The past 12 months have changed everything about the way we work, the way we buy, and the way we interact with the brands. As we look forward to what comes next, it’s clear we’re not going back. ...

By Zig Serafin - CEO

Want to improve customer experience? Improve the agent experience first

Happy contact center agents mean happy customers. But investment in agents doesn’t just improve CSAT – it also cuts the cost of employee attrition, and builds a pipeline of expert talent. To keep...

By Qualtrics

Why agile workforces are key for good CX – and how to build them

In contact centers, agility is a critical quality. A truly agile workforce can flex around changing contexts and customer demand. But how do contact center leaders build empowered, agile teams? The ri...

By Qualtrics

6 world-class B2B CX examples to learn from

Business, sales and marketing leaders are embracing B2B CX programs to optimize customer experience, but it’s not easy. We explore 6 successful B2B CX examples to share what you can do in your compa...

By Qualtrics

How empathy and data drive patient experience initiatives at Community Health Network

Community Health Network is taking a bold approach to patient experience. Focusing on building empathy into the way they use patient experience data, their development of processes is built upon a fou...

By Qualtrics

Former Amazon VP Bill Carr: ‘Working backwards is the way to create breakthrough innovation’

As part of our Breakthrough Builders podcast series, our Head of Brand Strategy, Jesse Purewal, chats with Bill Carr, former VP of Digital Media at Amazon, about rubbing elbows with Jeff Bezos, launch...

By James Wadsworth

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