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Introducing district-level dashboards to the national COVID-19 school response dashboard

Today, Qualtrics is introducing district dashboards in preview, the latest iteration of the National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard. Earlier this fall, we partnered with Brown University Professor...

By Qualtrics

How Volkswagen Group Australia is taking action on what matters with Qualtrics Experience Management

The most important lesson every leader needs to take from 2020 is that if you’re not taking action you’re getting left behind. Across the globe we’ve seen businesses that moved to quickly opt...

By Vicky Katsabaris

Using data to deliver better citizen experiences

We live in a new world. Technology is changing the way we interact with the world around us and our expectations of government. Consider how the “Amazon effect” influences our expectations around ...

By Chelsie Bright

Podcast: Realizing customer research opportunities in the digital era

Erica Todd is a Customer Insights and Research Manager at CommSec. Prior to her current role, she worked at market research agencies in Australia and the US, gaining experience on projects across a va...

By Clay Warren

A COVID-19 vaccine without vaccinations? Here’s how governments can ensure a successful roll-out

A vaccine for COVID-19 is coming, and with it a myriad of challenges for those tasked with rolling it out. From tracking uptake and managing inventory to addressing public skepticism of the COVID-19 v...

By David Robb

How to respond to negative reviews online

Easily respond to negative reviews online in five steps, to show your business in a positive light, impress your customers and strengthen your brand image. Why is responding to a negative review impo...

By Meena Toor

Collect feedback and connect with customers through mobile app surveys

Many companies with a mobile app are missing out on valuable customer feedback. Find out how you can take advantage and connect with customers using a mobile app survey. As the customer journey bec...

By Diana Kaemingk

2020 XMI customer ratings benchmark data is live

Do you want to find out how your industry ranks for customer experience (CX)? Are you interested in benchmarking your CX performance for comparing to companies like your own? To help your business ...

By Adam Lang

How to predict customer behavior

What if a business could fulfil customers’ wants and needs before they’ve even asked for them? Welcome to the world of predicting consumer behavior. What is customer behavior prediction? ‘Cust...

By Ruth D'Alessandro

Online reviews statistics to know in 2021

93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Find out how to use online reviews to connect with your customers, improve your brand image and encourage positive buying recommendations....

By Diana Kaemingk

Master customer intelligence in 5 steps

Are you getting the most from your customer intelligence? Use this simple plan to turn your siloed customer data and insights into valuable actions that help grow your business and brand equity. We...

By Meena Toor

How ready are Americans to trust a COVID-19 vaccine?

After months of quarantine and a barrage of changing information, much of the American public has been left feeling confused and concerned about the effects, safety, and timeline of a COVID-19 vaccine...

By Liesl Nielsen

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