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Get the latest opinions from our customer experience experts and explore the stories behind some of the breakthrough brands turning customers into fans.

Building a customer-centric culture in Bankwest’s Customer Service Centre

Everytime a customer leaves feedback on their Contact Centre experience at Bankwest, Shamus Hurley, Customer Service Manager in the Customer Service Centre team, automatically receives a notification ...

By Qualtrics

Why a sense of belonging at school matters for K-12 students

New Qualtrics research shows that high school students in the U.S. are struggling to feel a sense of belonging at school, with just 49% saying they feel like they are part of their school community. T...

By Qualtrics

Friends of FENTY: Five brand experiences based on core values

FENTY transformed the beauty industry for good, embracing diversity and inclusion to create a breakthrough brand and an incredible business. What can we learn from other brands who have led with their...

By Qualtrics

How Rihanna and FENTY took celebrity
to a new level

From Mark Twain — who once put his name to a line of innovative fountain pens from The Conklin Pen Co — to actor Scarlett Johansson and comedian Colin Jost starring in an Amazon Alexa Super Bowl a...

By Qualtrics

How to tap into Technology Modernization Funds for your customer experience initiatives

Customer experience leaders in the U.S. federal government have a unique opportunity to apply for federal funding allocated to support CX initiatives. All federal agencies providing public-facing info...

By Qualtrics

Unraveling the paradox of choice

Is less finally more? Can we complete a Costco run in less than an hour? If not, why?  Today, we answer these important questions. If you’ve yet to visit a Costco, we’ve some age-old wisdo...

By Qualtrics

New Research: Customer Service Agents Share Thoughts from the Front Lines of the Economic Downturn

Sixty percent of customer service agents said customers became more rude and aggressive during the pandemic, and one in five (20%) think about quitting every week, according to new research from Qualt...

By Qualtrics

7 things your social listening software should do

Social media listening is a comprehensive undertaking for businesses, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating with the right tools. Read on to see how you can make the most of your social listening s...

By Qualtrics

Learning how residents feel about the public sector: Empathy at scale analytics

For governments, the emotions expressed by citizens across social media can provide deep insight into their response to new campaign messaging and policies, and perception of how they’ll be impacted...

By Phillip Bland

Reading between the lines: How the City of Kitchener is improving services by listening to its citizens

When leaders of the City of Kitchener in Ontario, Canada set out to understand their customers’ satisfaction with the process of requesting a monthly parking permit online, they discovered something...

By Qualtrics

The key to successful CX transformation

In an age where connection has become both easier and more complex, human beings continue to desire to be heard and understood. We want to be sure that what we’re saying has an impact, and that our ...

By Qualtrics

How upstream thinking saved Expedia millions

Being proactive is essential for any business looking to achieve success, but one of the greatest challenges is overcoming the cycle of response. More often than not, businesses spend a considerabl...

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