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When you want your products to be as innovative as the artists who use them, you need an insight platform that’s fast and flexible enough to put the customer’s voice into every step of the development process. Read More

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Whether you’re using Qualtrics for rapid research or highly complex studies, no other tool offers greater flexibility or ease of use. For Yamaha, that led to quick adoption of Qualtrics throughout their entire organization and gave them the ability to conduct projects with incredibly fast turnaround times.

Yamaha uses Qualtrics to run hundreds of quick-turn studies during product development to ensure that they catch potential misfires before a prototype has been fully developed or the finished product has gone to market.

So, for example, when a question was raised during development of Yamaha’s Montage keyboard—regarding where to use knobs versus sliding faders—Yamaha used Qualtrics to survey their customers and received 400 responses in a matter of hours. What might’ve taken a week or more to debate internally was resolved in less than a day with actionable insights from actual musicians. And most importantly, Yamaha got it right.

“Qualtrics is the difference between success and failure. It’s just that simple.” - YAMAHA

Over 8,500 brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools use Qualtrics to gather insights

Professional Grade Power

Qualtrics supports the methods that define superior research and delivers insights in real time. With Qualtrics you can build advanced-flow surveys, send them, and roll out organization-wide results the same week.


Incredible Simplicity

Our drag-and-drop interface is as easy to use as everyday email and requires no coding, which means you'll be up to speed in a hurry, especially with help from our award-winning support team.


Unmatched Flexibility

Use Qualtrics in endless ways. Track consumer behavior across diverse segments, benchmark your company versus competitors, conduct complex academic research, and do all of your ad and product testing at a fraction of the price you'd pay to outsource your research.

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One platform with endless applications

Market segmentation

Track consumer behavior across unique segments. Take specific actions based on the value associated with each customer type.

product development & Pricing

Gather customer feedback on new products and services early and throughout the development cycle to save time and money.

competitive benchmarking

Put everything into perspective by gaining an understanding of where you stand in relation to your competitors. Capitalize on key business differentiators and identify gaps in products and services.


Qualtrics is the leading global provider of data collection and analysis products for academic research, giving professors and students alike an all-in-one platform to capture real-time insights and draw solid conclusions.

Purchase Behavior

Take your level of customer understanding beyond "who is buying" to "why they are buying". Dive into the lifestyle, behaviors, and habits that influence customer purchase decisions.

market trends

Where is your industry headed? Monitor industry and market trends to keep your company ahead of the curve.

Conjoint analysis

Understand the value your customers attach to unique attributes of products and services offered by your business. Optimize the customer experience without breaking your budget.

A/B Testing & Experiments

Go from “we think” to “we know” and make data-informed decisions by A/B testing across every research segment. Test questions, products, styles, experiences, promotions, or features in order to truly understand the effect of change.

Panel Management

Turn email lists, site visitors, members of your social media groups, and others into your own research panels. A ready and willing panel increases response rates and turnaround times for any research you’re conducting.

ad testing

How does ad content influence the way customers perceive your brand and/or encourage purchases? Answer these questions and more by conducting in-depth ad testing across key customer segments online and direct.


Understand how customers interact with your desktop and mobile experiences and make improvements based on customer feedback.


Purchase access to millions of respondents to collect feedback from exactly the people you need for your research. We can even run your project for you to ensure you achieve your goals.

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Sophisticated research made simple
"On my first day using Qualtrics I was able to do my surveys in half the amount of time it would have taken me using other survey tools — and I hadn’t even been trained in Qualtrics yet.”

Supercharged features that power successful projects

Over 100 different question types

Ask exactly what you want, and only what you want to ensure you are presenting an engaging experience and getting the right data without any biases.

Drag-and-drop ordering

Changing the order of your questions has never been easier.

Smart Scale Labeling

Qualtrics can recognize the questions you’re asking and auto-complete answer choices with tried-and-true scale labels.

Advanced flow logic

Allow respondents to skip over individual questions or entire question blocks to maximize completion rates, increase data quality, and present an interactive and engaging experience.

Rich Text editing

Easily adjust the style and formatting of your questions and answer choices, just like you would in your everyday word processor.

Images, video, and audio

The ability to easily include media in your survey opens up worlds of possibilities—test advertisements, present new products or ideas, and help respondents understand complex concepts.


Reduce bias and increase the accuracy of your research by randomizing your answer choices, questions, or even survey pages. If you can think of it, Qualtrics can randomize it.

Customizable layouts and designs

Match your surveys to the look and feel of your brand. Use our quick start templates or build a survey design from scratch in our Look and Feel Editor that’s as easy to use as PowerPoint, but as powerful as a photoshopping tool.


Define the total number of required responses and automatically exclude extra respondents, turn off question blocks, or close the survey.


Require unique login credentials for each respondent and verify their information before giving access to specific sections.

Scoring and grading

Easily assign point values to responses in a survey; score anything from satisfaction to personality. Recode any response before or after you collect responses.

Email alerts

Send email alerts to anyone when time-sensitive information comes in (i.e., quotas, responses) to ensure you never miss key information and are able to react quickly when needed.

Translation tools

We make multi-language surveys convenient with side-by-side translation, automatic language detection, and over 40 languages to choose from.

CRM integration

With Qualtrics Salesforce Integration, you can trigger surveys off of Salesforce events and save survey response data into Salesforce to ensure insights get delivered to your CRM.

Preview survey functionality

With one click, view your survey’s appearance on a desktop or mobile device, and even take your survey as if you were a respondent.

Collaborate survey functionality

Share your surveys easily with your colleagues, but limit what they can see and do as needed.

Custom end of survey message

Create different endings for respondents such as displaying a message, redirecting to a URL, or ending the survey early based on answers given.

Web services & RSS feeds

Use content from external websites in your survey, including another website’s RSS feed. For example, you can pull in the top 10 headlines from a news site for a current events survey. You can even write your own web program and integrate it accordingly.

Prevent ballot box stuffing

Prevent respondents from taking a survey more than once by placing a cookie on their browser when they submit a response. This is especially useful when you are offering an incentive or conducting a sensitive vote.

Anonymous or individual links

Qualtrics can generate a list of unique survey links and track which response belongs to each recipient, or use an anonymous link that doesn’t tie data to specific respondents. Anonymous links are particularly useful for employee surveys to ensure people feel comfortable giving feedback.

Distribute surveys
via any channel,
anytime, to anyone


Generate a dynamic link that gives you control over what happens when a user clicks it. For example, the link could point toward a survey on Monday through Wednesday, but then to a public report on Thursday through Sunday. You can even direct respondents to take different surveys based on location, demographic, or other dynamic criteria – all using the same link.


The easiest way to engage and interact with your respondents via their mobile devices. Surveys are often hard to complete on mobile. Not with Qualtrics. Your customers will receive a clean, consistent, and branded mobile survey experience, every time—increasing response rates and capturing in-the-moment feedback.


Engage visitors and customers while they’re browsing any of your digital sites in ways that seamlessly integrate with the experience. Target specific segments based on nearly 20 behavioral- and location-based criteria to ensure the right questions reach the right people at the perfect time.


Allow merchants to gather customer intelligence via digital or paper receipts ranging from quality of service to ideas for new products.


Capture face-to-face feedback on your tablet or smartphone without an Internet connection. Perfect for use in the field and anywhere your team interacts with customers to collect in-person feedback.


Send customized email invitations to your respondents, track their progress, and prevent fraud and abuse of your survey. View the history of scheduled mailings, send Reminder and Thank You emails, and download the mailing history.


Avoid the expense of associate outcalls by using IVR and sending personalized surveys via the telephone to gather information & observations from customers.


Embed any survey into social media, in three clicks or less. Best for short surveys or surveys about trending topics with the potential to be shared broadly.


Direct people to surveys using QR codes. A great option for receipts, posters, and other print media.

Recruit and manage your own
panel of survey respondents
Qualtrics screen

Improving response rates and trying to get through the red tape to run a study can be major headaches for researchers — headaches that can be relieved when you have a ready and willing panel of respondents. For building and maintaining your own panel, there’s no better solution than Qualtrics Panel Management.

Qualtrics’ panel management software offers an unmatched level of automation. Target the right respondents from your panel for your project based on profile information, past survey responses, and key statistics. Control contact frequency and manage global opt-outs in order to stick to the cadence respondents agreed to. And with incentive management, automatically deliver coupon codes as soon as panel members earn them.

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Analyze and share
your data, minutes
after you get it
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Analyze responses

Download data

Automatically download data into SPSS, XML, Excel, or HTML at the click of the button.

View, edit, and manage responses

Show or hide any response or question data columns so you can zero in on your target set(s). Additionally, response tagging allows you to add information to your individual responses after they’ve been recorded. Yeah, you read that right.

Drill down

View multiple reports for each question side-by-side. Compare them to see differences and similarities between different respondent groups.


Analyze the relationship between two variables and look at observed and expected frequency counts, percentages, and means — all within Qualtrics.

Measure survey reach and engagement

Comprehensive statistics allow you to review completion times, dropout rates, completion percentages, problematic questions, and more.

Share results

Export reports

Export to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF to create professional presentations in just seconds.

Trigger email reports

Schedule reports to be automatically sent to peers, clients, managers, and others.

Share low-maintenance dashboards

With Qualtrics, you can create and share custom online reports that automatically update in real-time.

Display your results

Easily format and customize beautiful graphs and charts in just a few clicks; reports are easy to navigate and can be quickly shared broadly by publishing to the web, collaborating with colleagues, or scheduling an email.

World-class market research on
the Qualtrics Insight Platform

All of your customer, employee, and market insights in one place. Welcome to the future of Insights.

Customer Experience

Build greater brand loyalty by asking about your customers’ experiences and acting on their feedback.

Employee Insights

Happy employees create happy customers. Identify the drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction to drive positive customer interactions.

Market Research

Thoroughly understand your market and deliver ahead of customer expectations.

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