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academic experience

“We use Qualtrics extensively across campus - everything from measuring and improving student experiences to creating interactive course curriculum.” - University of Minnesota

Qualtrics helps you improve student, campus, faculty, and alumni experience. Identify and address root causes of essential outcomes, take action to improve applicant experience, graduation rates, and alumni giving. And do all of this on the same platform your faculty already rely on.

Outcomes we deliver

  • Increased speed and quality of research
  • Increased yield rates
  • Improved student satisfaction and engagement
  • Better alumni relations and increased donations

From application to alumnus, more than 8,800 schools rely on Qualtrics


See your institution’s entire academic experience like you’ve never seen it before. With a holistic view of critical touchpoints, Qualtrics gives you deep insights into student, faculty, campus, and alumni experience.


Spend less time analyzing and more time acting. Qualtrics predictive intelligence technology eliminates tedious manual work and helps colleges and universities understand key experience drivers.


Alumni engagement is affected by college experience and social engagement. With Qualtrics you can create an alumni health score based on key experience metrics proven to lead to increased alumni development activities.


Get ahead of and manage applicant experiences before you get rejected. With Qualtrics, you can manage the full admissions experience for all of your prospective students.

Optimize every academic experience

STUDENT EXPERIENCE Measure and improve experiences at every critical touchpoint along the student journey to improve student outcomes inside and outside the classroom. CAMPUS EXPERIENCE Measure and respond to engagement across campus–from housing to the student center and identify campus experience gaps to drive action that improves student, faculty, and campus happiness. FACULTY EXPERIENCE Identify drivers of faculty engagement and develop action plans and create coaching opportunities to improve student and faculty success in the classroom. ALUMNI EXPERIENCE Empower your alumni by engaging them on campus and identifying their key engagement drivers so you know what programs to invest in to strengthen alumni development activities.

Solutions for every department and every budget

  • Classroom Research
  • Experimental Design
  • Longitudinal Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Student Engagement
  • Online Course Evaluations
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Student, Faculty, and Staff 360 Reviews
  • Employee Insights
  • Onboarding and Exit Surveys
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  • Surveys
  • Human Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Classroom
  • Form Creation
  • Dashboards
  • Community Engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Alumni Tracking
  • Program Evaluation
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K-12 Schools Using Qualtrics


Qualtrics’ Flexible Service Model

We know that sometimes you need someone else to manage a project so you can allocate energy to other initiatives. Other times, you need the flexibility and agility to manage the details yourself. Our offering gives you the freedom and power to dial up or dial back the services at any time during the program.


  • XM Scientists
  • XM Institute
  • Tech Consultants


  • Tech Consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Program Architect


  • Customer Success
  • Qualtrics Support
  • Technical Acct Mgr
  • Experience Basecamp


  • Engineering Services

Improving the Academic Experience

The use of Qualtrics at Michigan has really exploded. When you give people access to a ROBUST, INTUITIVE SOLUTION like Qualtrics, they figure out ways to solve all their own research problems.
Because of the branded panel we created, I can do more research and our surveys break through the clutter. Additionally, the rich respondent profiles help me target my surveys IN A MATTER OF MINUTES. I can send surveys to the right people and I don't worry about inundating alumni with too many feedback requests.

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