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2023 Student Experience Trends

The 2023 Qualtrics and College Pulse Student Experience Trends dashboard provides a nationally representative benchmark of the student experience for community college, four-year undergraduate, and graduate students at important moments in the student journey. Using this dashboard, you’ll understand the perspective of students overall as well as specific subgroups based on demographics like type of school attended, race/ethnicity, and gender.

Whether you are an education administrator, a teacher or faculty member, policymaker, or researcher, the 2023 Student Experience Education Trends dashboard will help you understand the student perspective on key moments in their postsecondary journey.

Learn from a nationally representative sample of 2,700+ US college students on what matters most in the student journey.


Access the dashboard

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In this dashboard, you'll learn:

  • How to prepare high school students for the transition to college
  • Why students choose their colleges during the admissions process
  • Areas of the student experience that need improvement (e.g., mental health support, DEI, and safety)

Improving student experiences with an ever-growing number of
educational institutions