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Get the latest opinions from our customer experience experts and explore the stories behind some of the breakthrough brands turning customers into fans.

Five key insights for patient experience leaders in 2022

Reflections of a former Chief Experience Officer and forever Chief Empathy Enthusiast The pandemic has left a mark on everyone in many ways, not the least of which has been the extra pressure plac...

By Adrienne Boissy

Clarabridge Engage Now Supports Instagram DMs and Instagram Shops

Just over 10 years ago, an app was launched enabling you to take pictures, enhance them through predefined filters, and share with your friends. Who could predict that this app would soon gather over ...

By Dimitri Callens

Automation brings humanity back to digital customer experience

Legendary science fiction author Isaac Asimov devised three laws for robotics: A robot ought not to harm humans or cause harm to happen to humans through inaction. A robot should obey human co...

By Dimitri Callens

The key to customer experience success in financial services

Does your company want to become more customer-centric but not know where to start? When it comes to meeting customer expectations and excelling in a highly competitive environment, businesses need to...

By Qualtrics

How to respond to reviews in 2022

As consumers, we all want to make wise purchasing decisions. So, how do we ensure we aren’t being ripped off? We study the customer reviews! Online ratings and reviews are a powerful engine that com...

By Dimitri Callens

A personal approach to customer experience with preference data

From the way we work to how we purchase goods and services, every facet of our day-to-day life has been influenced by digital acceleration over the past few years. But as we find ourselves inundate...

By LiLi Wong

The 2021 Qualtrics Digital CX Benchmark

The Qualtrics XM Institute is excited to announce the third annual, 2021 edition of our digital benchmark initiative - the XMI Customer Ratings - Digital. These benchmarks are timely as we have all...

By Juliana Holterhaus

Winning with Marketplaces: Why Qualtrics’ Listing on the AWS Marketplace is Big News

Qualtrics is now listed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, demonstrating a continued commitment to help AWS customers access the best contact center and CX solutions. Posting on AWS Marketplace...

By Qualtrics

Text analytics vs. sentiment analysis

Chocolate and peanut butter. Romeo and Juliet. Yin and yang. Sometimes two ideas become so closely identified with each other that it can be hard to remember that they are actually separate entities. ...

By Lisa Sigler

7 can’t-miss social customer service stats for 2022

Now that the holidays are over and we’ve welcomed a new year, it’s time to crack on with work. To get you all set for the new year, we’ve gathered 7 social customer service statistics that will ...

By Qualtrics

9 things you need to know about the Gen Z consumer

Gen Z adults, ages 18 to 25, are an emerging consumer force, setting trends that influence the purchasing habits of older shoppers. These youngest of buyers don’t think the same way as their parents...

By Qualtrics

Top 3 unmissable customer experience books for 2022

Our 2022 Global Consumer Experience Trends report revealed that consumers are more disenfranchised with customer experience than ever - and without drastic action, they’re not going to stick around....

By Qualtrics

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