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What next for Customer Experience? How we’re taking CX to the next level in 2019

Simply having a customer experience management program is no longer a competitive advantage on it’s own - when it comes to competing on experiences, it’s table stakes. In a recent study we cond...

By Qualtrics

Putting the taxpayers first: how great customer experience drives us forward

As a part of the government, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has a unique set of customers: taxpayers and other government agencies. GSA helps manage and support the basic functioning o...

By Anahita Reilly

“Think of yourself as a customer”: What’s driving eir’s customer experience program

Marguerite Brennan is Director of Customer Operations Support at the Irish telecoms giant eir. Over the past few years, Marguerite has spearheaded eir's CX program and is part of the management team t...

By Marguerite Brennan

Learn how analytics is the key to a differentiated customer experience program with Dun & Bradstreet

To be a top company a data-driven mindset combined with a test and learn culture are practically requirements. But this approach is about more than just your financial bottom line, it can improve near...

By Rachel Richter, VP of Customer Insights at Dun and Bradstreet

How AI and big data are improving research results

Market research is a $44.5 B market and growing. Online research is among the fastest growing parts of the market thanks to the pervasiveness of the web and the ease with which we can now collect data...

By Milind Kopikare

2019’s top five customer experience conferences in Europe

CX really lends itself to great conferences - practitioners are really keen to share their expertise, and it can be truly inspiring to hear stories of fantastic CX from other brands. But with so many ...

By Daniel Saunders

Rating or Ranking: Choosing the best question type for your data

When it comes to surveys, how you ask each question may be just as important to your data quality as what you ask. It can be tricky to decide what type of question to use to get the most useful dat...

By Dave Vannette

How Bruce Temkin shaped the CX profession - and how he’s doing the same for XM

For over 20 years, Bruce Temkin has been a central figure in the world of CX. From his influential thought leadership at Forrester, to founding the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)...

By Bruce Temkin

Why collecting sensitive survey data is putting your company at risk

There’s a real cost to storing sensitive survey data that never gets used. Have you ever driven through a city at night to see block after block of office building windows lit up because the ligh...

By Justin Ethington

How Bank of Ireland puts data at the heart of its CX program

Richard Waring and his team lead on insights and market research in Bank of Ireland. Along with the bank’s Customer Experience team, they form part of a newly-formed Chief Marketing Office. And it...

By Richard Warning

Find out how UnitedHealthcare turns experience challenges into opportunities to delight customers

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing spaces in America, particularly as the baby boomer generation reaches old age. In the last year, healthcare became the largest supplier of US jobs...

By Tami Reller

7 patient experience trends for 2019

The patient experience is the sum of all the interactions patients have with health system, providers, and facilities. As the market shifts towards patient-centered care, it’s vital that organizatio...

By Patty Riskind

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