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“Beginning with the end in mind”: How Jim Harwood helped jump-start Farm Bureau Financial Service’s CX program

Ask Jim Harwood, Client/Member Experience VP at Farm Bureau Financial Services, how you build support for a CX program with your CEO and Senior leadership and he’ll tell you to take a lesson from Michael Gerber and the E-Myth: “Begin with the end in mind”. If we were to start at the end of this […]

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3 ways American Express is creating a customer-centric culture

Building a customer-insights program that allows companies to listen and then act on customer feedback is essential, but isn’t easy. To be truly customer-centric you need to empower people at all levels of your organization to listen to the customer and act on insights. Find out how American Express built a world-class customer culture by […]

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3 ways to build a customer-centric culture

The customer is always right. Right? Whether you agree or not, the customer should always be the main focus of your business. Senior Principal Analyst at the Qualtrics XM Institute, Aimee Lucas, explains how to create a customer-centric culture that’s at the heart of your organization. Aimee Lucas knows XM (experience management). After all, she […]

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Joe Pine: ‘How to personalize customer experiences’

Goods and services are being increasingly commoditized. So how can companies stand out from the competition? The answer is through positive interactions and memorable, personalized experiences. Take a look at these tips from the godfather of the experience economy, Joe Pine… Watch the full webinar from Joe Pine on How to customize customers’ experiences Watch […]

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Matt Dixon: Before encouraging customer loyalty, discourage disloyalty.

We’ve all heard about companies wowing customers with extraordinary acts. However, according to bestselling author, Matt Dixon, that’s not where we should be focusing our efforts. Matt argues that what’s important is mitigating customer disloyalty. Here’s how… Watch the full webinar – 4 Essentials of Effortless CX WATCH NOW Bestselling author of the Effortless Experience, […]

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Government customer experience: are we making progress yet?

Over the past several years I’ve been asked more times than I can count: “Why should government care about customer experience?” The assumption is usually that governments don’t have to care about customers, citizens, and residents because government is a monopoly. So what’s the use? I understand why people would feel this way. Government doesn’t […]

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