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Qualtrics Customer Success Hub: Taking digital self-service to the next level

The digital era has revolutionized consumer and brand interaction, placing the spotlight on the customer's digital experience. Their journey with a brand online is no longer simply transactional - it's emotive and interactive, demanding seamless and positive experiences.

Currently, online resources may not be comprehensive enough to effectively support customers, or are dispersed across various sites with no obvious connection, making it difficult for customers to find the help they are searching for even if it exists.

With level of effort and rate of success known to have a significant impact on loyalty, providing next-level digital self-service experiences is critical to reducing churn.

Bringing it all together with the Qualtrics Customer Success Hub

At Qualtrics, we have expanded our award-winning digital support ecosystem with the launch of the Customer Success Hub, a one-stop platform designed to deliver seamless digital experiences that make it easy to do business with Qualtrics.

We heard from customers and prospects alike that a centralized platform to access all that Qualtrics Services has to offer would be a game-changer as they seek to do more digitally.

The Qualtrics Customer Success Hub is the result of these efforts. Fueled by your feedback, it expands digital self-service capabilities to proactively and digitally assist customers as they learn, use, and seek help with Qualtrics — no matter where they are in their journey with us.

Customer success hub

The Hub is designed for all Qualtrics users, whether you are new to the platform or a seasoned administrator who would like to better manage your brand. Access is included at no cost for all users and the experience is tailored based on your license, service package, and profile. The Hub is your digital front door to personalized experiences that help you gain more from your partnership with Qualtrics:

Have ideas on how the Customer Success Hub can make it easier to work with Qualtrics? Share them with us via our new Customer Success Hub Feature Request Portal.

Natalie Maxwell // Technical Program Manager, Digital Success Team

Natalie began as a Qualtrics Product Specialist, where she developed a strong understanding of how customers leverage the Qualtrics product and support ecosystems. During her time as a technical program manager she has led programs dedicated to uncovering how to best optimize digital experiences that allow our customers to make the most of the platform.

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