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Tailoring products and marketing to your customers is a powerful way to grow your brand and your profits. With market segmentation software from Qualtrics, you’ll know exactly what works (and what doesn’t) for every customer segment, no matter how complex.

  • Drive demand with products and services tailored to specific customer segments
  • Improve your marketing campaigns by targeting the right customers with the right messages
  • Grow your revenue and profitability with a detailed understanding of how much customers are willing to pay

Price products for maximum profitability

Single platform for pricing research

Consolidate all of your pricing research on a single platform. Run data-driven pricing studies like Van Westendorp price sensitivity meter, Gabor-Granger analysis, and powerful conjoint optimization projects - all via the same platform. Compare price ranges from different studies to launch your product with the optimal price.

Powerful survey design

Pricing studies require rigorous survey design and complex logic and data visualization. Qualtrics makes it easy to program sophisticated studies like Gabor-Granger or conjoint analysis. Visualize key results like demand curves or price elasticity for optimum pricing.

Complex conjoint studies made simple

Conjoint analysis used to require a specialized degree, but no longer. With a few clicks, Qualtrics XM Solutions helps you find the product features your respondents will love, set the optimal price point, and know which tradeoffs are your best bets.

Find your perfect price with Qualtrics Product Experience™

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Streamlined Van Westendorp pricing studies

Use Qualtrics to effortlessly generate your optimal price ranges leveraging the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter. Ask the four primary Van Westendorp questions:

  • At what price would you begin to think the product is so inexpensive that you would begin to question the quality and not consider it?
  • At what price would you think the product is a bargain – a great buy for the money?
  • At what price would you think the product is getting expensive, but you might consider it?
  • At what price would you think the product is too expensive to consider?

Use your data to easily generate acceptable ranges and find the optimal price point.

Van Westendorp XM Solution

Vanwesterndorp pricing study

gabor granger chart

Powerful Gabor Granger Pricing Studies

Gabor Granger studies, while simple for the respondent can be complex to program. Leverage Qualtrics’ powerful capabilities and advanced logic to measure price elasticity. Learn your market’s price tolerances and generate demand and revenue curves to find the revenue-maximizing price.

Gabor Grander XM Solution

Complex conjoint price-optimization studies with a few clicks

Traditional conjoint analysis required sophisticated statistical chops and survey expertise. Those days are in the past. With just a few clicks, compare product features or services to understand what matters the most to your customers.

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Insights from every segment

Get fast, high-quality responses to help build your customer segments. Simply put together your wish list of customer attributes and we’ll do the rest. Go as broad or granular as you want — from the general population down to high-income, retired car enthusiasts. We can find any respondents you need.

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What is pricing research?

Learn about pricing research studies

Pricing studies help discover what customers are willing to pay for a product or a service, and by doing so, uncover the optimal price point to maximize profit, revenue, or market share. Pricing research also determines how an organization can increase revenue and profit margins by increasing or decreasing prices.

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