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Meet the industry leaders addressing rising expectations with XM

Great experiences are a competitive advantage in every industry. See how leaders in experience management are addressing specific needs for their customers and why they were selected as winners of the 2024 Breakthrough Artist Award.

Every industry faces unique challenges, from the regulatory hurdles in financial services to the high stakes of keeping patients engaged in healthcare. Across sectors, the increasing ease of finding another service provider means customers have rising expectations for quality service. No matter the type of consumer — customers, users, patients and residents alike — expect ease of use, speedy resolutions to problems, and empathetic interactions.

These leaders in financial services, healthcare, education, and government are rising to the challenge.

Streamlining experiences in financial services at Citi

Citi operates at a global scale, providing corporations, governments, investors, institutions and individuals with a broad range of products in nearly 160 countries and jurisdictions. Given this diverse business, Citi needed to simplify the customer experience with a modernized CX program to reduce service costs and increase its capacity for innovation.

In the U.S., Citi initiated a new experience management program across their U.S. Personal Banking business to simplify its processes. The firm adopted full-service capabilities to implement its strategy quickly, better serve business needs and respond to more than 70 million customers. As part of this effort, Citi centralized their XM program by bringing together more than 30 survey programs. This integrated key internal tools to improve CX insights, enabled the ability to understand unstructured feedback with natural language processing and enriched the complaints management process to close experience gaps using Qualtrics®.

Building a culture of action in healthcare at Stanford

Healthcare organizations deal with the most personal of human challenges, and it’s critical not only to provide exceptional care but to make patients feel understood and valued in the process. Stanford Health Care, a leading institution for research and clinical care based in Palo Alto, California, took action to transform the end-to-end patient journey with a digitally-driven, value-focused strategy using Qualtrics.

It’s one of the reasons Stanford is consistently rated as one of the best hospitals by U.S. News and Newsweek.

Central to this strategy is closing the loop with patients in near real time through their complaints and grievances platform. With this program, which allows them to efficiently understand and address patient challenges, they’ve seen improved experiences with 15% of patients now sharing concerns digitally and a 30% reduction in overall caseload.

Improving government services with resident-centered insights in Missouri

Government entities are held accountable for every dollar of taxpayer money spent and there are always more problems to be solved than resources to solve them. Still recovering from the pandemic and faced with increased demands for digital services, the state of Missouri needed to better understand the experiences of residents, visitors, businesses, and other stakeholders to inform decision making.

In a two-year period, the state worked with Qualtrics to establish a groundbreaking approach to omnichannel listening. SHARE MO is the first statewide, full service experience management program and has set new standards in the public sector.

Now, experience insights support data-driven strategies at an agency and executive-level. SHARE MO provides access to the tools and best practices leaders need to streamline operations, allocate resources effectively, and prioritize initiatives that address the most critical needs of Missourians. Their efforts have removed silos and increased opportunities for direct engagement between citizens and state employees.

Putting students at the center of decision making in higher education at National University

Administrators in higher education have to balance the needs of numerous stakeholders including alumni, donors, faculty and community members. With all these voices, National University – a Veteran-founded nonprofit serving a very diverse, non-traditional population of 50,000 degree-seeking and 80,000 workforce and professional development students annually – wanted to ensure that the student perspective was firmly at the center of institutional decisions.

National University chose Qualtrics as a singular platform to understand the end-to-end education experience for a diverse student body.

Taking a student-centric approach informed by structured and unstructured data, National is meeting students where they are. With personalized delivery of services that maximize digital channels, the university offers step-by-step support to help students enroll in the right programs and classes, overcome barriers to education and achieve their goals all the way to graduation. Their holistic approach to student support, well-being, and success, is called “Whole Human Education.”

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