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The 2020

breakthrough artist winners

xm breakthrough artist

If you want to see what a true XM program looks like, look no further than Disney. Whether it’s ironing out glitches during the launch of Disney+, developing programs to understand and improve the employee lifecycle for the many different roles within the company, to improving ad sales, and refining vacation packages, Disney uses Qualtrics to continue their legacy of creating the kind of customer and employee experiences that have made them one of the most beloved brands in history.

px breakthrough artist

By taking advantage of the Qualtrics platform’s open API, PlayStation was able to integrate Qualtrics directly into their existing PlayStation Studios user research tools. Where game development used to depend on observational data, PlayStation Studios can now gather experience data from participants about specific points in the game. This ability to make richer and deeper gameplay improvements has helped create some of the highest-rated and best-selling video games on the market.

cx breakthrough artist

If data doesn’t live together, it doesn’t work together. When Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina replaced 10+ survey vendors — with no action-planning or closed-loop system — with Qualtrics, they finally had all their experience data in one place. Having the ability to identify improvements across the whole customer journey, streamline communications with customers, and provide teams a consistent and secure way to listen to customers not only saved the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also led to their highest NPS in history.

cx breakthrough artist

As is the case with many companies, VW Australia had a basic customer survey program in place for years. By partnering with Qualtrics, they were able to roll out a robust CX program that made the thoughts and feelings of customers accessible at every level. Using this information, they knew exactly which parts of the customer lifecycle needed attention and were able to implement programs and trainings to address those deficiencies. These improvements have resulted in a 50+ point improvement in NPS, have saved VW Australia millions of dollars, and have generated millions of dollars worth of free press.

ex breakthrough artist

Founded over 150 years ago, Goldman Sachs knows better than most companies how much employee preferences change over time. By leveraging Qualtrics, Goldman Sachs has been able to maintain their reputation as a top employer by aligning their benefits packages with current needs and desires of employees; they’ve made work more fulfilling by bringing teams together to provide a more integrated approach to serving their clients; and they’ve provided managers with recommendations on how to improve the experience for their teams.

bx breakthrough artist

After years of declining interest in fishing, Zebco knew they needed to make some changes. Using Qualtrics Brand Experience, they knew exactly what needed to change in order to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z. By redesigning their logo, changing their advertising, and giving their female audience the attention they deserved, they transformed their “pale, male, and stale” brand for a more diverse, younger mix. The result? Highest revenue growth in over 15 years.


Each year, five awards will
be given on the mainstage at X4

XM Breakthrough Artist
Brands practicing experience management to fundamentally improve their business

CX Breakthrough Artist
Delighting customers to deliver breakthrough results

BX Breakthrough Artist
Using X-data to energize your brand

EX Breakthrough Artist
Dramatically improving the employee experience

PX Breakthrough Artist
Brands using XM to deliver products people love

Enter for this year’s award by submitting a brief application online. Winners are selected by a committee that is composed of Qualtrics leadership and employees.