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How retail brands are getting the customer experience right

Danielle Lumetta, Retail Consulting Manager at Accenture, has advised some of the world’s biggest retail brands. In our latest CX Visionaries profile, we spoke to her about brands excelling with the customer experience, and how they’re doing it. Want more CX Retail Knowledge and Insight? Watch Danielle’s Webinar Now. WATCH NOW “There is no rule […]

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How to Humanize Customer Experience

To avoid falling behind your competitors in the fast-moving experience economy, it’s critical you are able to humanize your customer experience (CX). The rise of e-commerce, social media, and mobile internet has added fuel to an already rapidly changing environment where experience trumps price and product. This shift is being driven by a need for […]

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The CXO’s view: “Technology is being copied faster and faster, so the differentiating factor in B2B becomes customer experience.”

SES is the world’s leading satellite operator, and the only one that operates into two different orbits. We sat down with the company’s Chief of Staff and Global Customer Experience to talk about how it’s taking B2B CX to new heights. Watch the full interview, or check out some of her key takeaways below. On […]

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Create A Survey With These 4 Common Sense Tips

Creating online surveys is as much an art as it is a science. It involves attention to detail in the design and flow of your survey questionnaire. Creating an effective survey that yields actionable insights can be difficult, but with the right how-to advice, it doesn’t have to be. Effective survey design and flow gives […]

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5 stages to evolving your CX program through the maturity model

XM Institute Expert Isabelle Zdatny walks us through the benefits and stages of evolving your CX program through the maturity model. What is a CX maturity model A CX maturity model is a roadmap to help guide you as you navigate through the 6 core competencies of CX. Isabelle says that it is crucial for […]

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6 competencies of a successful CX program

XM Institute expert, Aimee Lucas, has more than 18 years of experience building successful CX programs. Here she outlines the 6 competencies your business needs to create a powerful CX program. Mastering these competencies will mean you can go on to fully realize your CX maturity model. So what are the 6 competencies of a […]

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