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New innovations for the XM Platform showcased at X4 2024

At X4® 2024, we got the opportunity to connect with Experience Management leaders from around the world to listen, share ideas, and break down how organizations can deliver human-like experiences that build human connections at scale.

We also showcased powerful new capabilities of the XM Platform® powered by Qualtrics® AI, an XM-specific AI specialized in human connection and purpose-built to get you closer to your customers and employees.

It included new purpose-built applications for your frontline teams from contact center agents, to digital teams, to all of the people managers in your organizations that help build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty.

We also showcased how Qualtrics is helping people teams identify and deliver the employee experiences their teams need to do their best work, day-in and day-out.

And we rolled out powerful new AI-powered solutions for strategy and research that allow research teams to consolidate quantitative, qualitative and even external research on a single platform, allowing businesses to make the most of every insight.

Here’s a run-down of the new innovations we showcased at this year’s event in Salt Lake City.

Qualtrics AI

Qualtrics Assist

Your AI-powered assistant that empowers individuals across an organization to gain actionable and immediate insights into customer and employee experiences. Qualtrics AssistTM allows users to ask natural language questions about feedback through an interactive dashboard, and is uniquely tuned to understand customers, prospects, and employees to help transform complex data into clear and simple insights.

Conversational Feedback

Save time and resources by analyzing survey responses and generating personalized follow-up questions in real-time. Conversational feedback can identify incomplete responses and prompt respondents to offer more specific, actionable feedback that leads to better insights at scale.

Intelligent Summaries

Efficiently condense complex information into concise overviews, empowering managers, researchers, and customer care agents to take effective action on customer and employee feedback. The AI-generated summaries automatically surface and analyze key insights, streamlining the process of parsing insights from mountains of data.

Automated Workflows

Powered by Qualtrics AI and xFlow, the automated action engine, automated workflows enable organizations to automatically trigger GPT-powered actions in the systems their teams are already using, informed by the precisely engineered XM data and expert-designed methodologies from Qualtrics.

You can learn more about artificial intelligence for XM here.

XM for Customer ExperienceTM

Frontline locations assist

An intuitive, purpose-built insights hub that analyzes every piece of customer feedback within surveys, app, contact center, online, and reviews, to equip frontline managers with insights and recommended steps to take to improve the customer experience and drive business value.

AI-powered review and ticket response suggestions

Quickly resolve customer issues with automatically generated personalized responses. This speeds up ticket resolution and online review response times for frontline teams, helping organizations exceed customer expectations for support and increase customer loyalty.

New heatmap capabilities

Digital and UX teams can quickly identify and resolve web technical, design, and product issues via a visual diagram of customer interactions with a company’s website. Heatmaps are created using millions of clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements to demonstrate on-page behavior and identify hotspots of user activity.

Funnel analytics

Surface major drop-off points along the web customer journey and understand why customers are failing to complete tasks by combining experience data with behavioral clues, like mouse thrashes, to address problems quickly and efficiently.

Real-time frustration intercepting

Reduce customer churn by quickly identifying when customers are experiencing challenges online in real-time and offer in-the-moment support.

Customer Care Assist

Generate personalized coaching plans based on each individual agent’s strengths and weaknesses, reducing time spent reviewing dashboards and listening to calls. With a purpose-built app for aggregating insights and workflows across the customer care experience, managers can take back valuable time using Qualtrics AI to automatically evaluate every call to identify attributes such as friendliness and compliance to surface where teams may need additional coaching.

Qualtrics Automated Call Summaries

Use Qualtrics AI to automatically summarize customer feedback to instantly generate support tickets, send personalized follow-up emails, and create knowledge based articles using real-time information about customer issues and historical, personalized data from XiD.

You can learn more about Qualtrics XM for Customer Experience here.

XM for Employee ExperienceTM

Identifying attrition drivers in the workforce

Discover why your people leave, and what actions you can take to get them to stay. By combining organizational attrition data with employee experience feedback organizations can pinpoint what is causing employees to leave their jobs. Ready-to-use dashboards provide critical insights that allow leaders to address poor experiences with employees proactively and build retention strategies to help prevent future turnover.

Anonymizing and summarizing employee comments

Glean insights from open-text survey responses that multiple choice questions fail to provide. With Qualtrics AI managers can identify the most pressing issues for their team and save time by avoiding scanning individual comments manually. Managers can be sure their employee privacy is protected while reducing the risk of bias from identifying commenters.

Getting deeper, actionable insights from EX results with Qualtrics Assist

Managers and leaders can leverage Qualtrics AssistTM to surface deeper insights and trends from team team feedback. After asking simple, natural-language questions about their results, people leaders are assisted to better understand how to increase engagement and productivity.

Personalized actions in response to employee feedback

Enhance employee engagement, retention, and productivity by knowing what actions to take in response to employee feedback with specific, targeted actions. Qualtrics AI enriches the recommendations with EX methodology, providing tailored guidance to help managers and leaders take decisive action with informed decisions.

Learn more about XM for Employee Experience here.

XM for Strategy & ResearchTM

Qualtrics Research Hub

A comprehensive repository of every piece of research ever conducted by an organization, including research conducted by agencies, publications, or reports outside of the Qualtrics platform. With Qualtrics AI, research teams can save time and money by intelligently searching a variety of insights to instantly find relevant findings.

Video Feedback

Capture more insights than traditional open-ended text responses seeing a respondent’s facial expressions and hearing their tone of voice. Qualtrics AI capabilities instantly analyze hours of video submissions and automatically surfaces key themes, top quotes, and insights, faster than any human could.

Moderated user testing

Conduct live, one-on-one interviews with respondents remotely that are automatically recorded, translated, and analyzed with Qualtrics AI summarizing the most relevant feedback and themes. Organizations can capture nuanced insights about their digital experience from body language and facial expressions to other subtle behaviors. Create highlight reels to bring the data to life and make data-driven decisions about digital experiences and products.

Online panels

Tap into Qualtrics’ network of more than 200 panel partners and choose a target audience from the most popular sample profiles and launch panels in minutes for relevant, reliable insights that minimize the risk of biased data. Outside vendor? No problem. With native integration researchers can consolidate vendors for a holistic view of their organization’s data.

You can learn more about XM for Strategy & Research here.

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