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X4 2024: Humanized Intelligence

The first day of X4® 2024 saw thousands of XM leaders come together to experience inspirational keynotes, practical breakout sessions from the world’s biggest brands, and new innovations launched on the XM Platform® powered by Qualtrics® AI.

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin kicked off the conference by setting the stage for the current AI revolution that leaders across every industry find themselves a part of. With new AI-powered innovations, businesses are deepening their connection with their employees and customers – and that is having a profound impact on the bottom line.

Zig noted a Harvard Business Review study that found a highly satisfied customer is not the goal. An emotionally connected customer is what businesses should be striving for – those are the customers who spend 52% more and become brand champions.

And we’re helping businesses accomplish this by combining the XM operating system with Qualtrics AI to deliver humanized intelligence.

Qualtrics helps you focus on your most valuable asset–your people–to understand and continually adapt to the unique needs and expectations of every customer and employee so you can see what matters most to them in real time.

The combined power of the XM Platform and Qualtrics AI reduces operating costs as the platform translates experience, operational, and behavioral data into insights that enable cost-effective and impactful actions – such as interventions in the moments that matter, or automations that present small moments of delight, and so much more.

The reality is that today much of the action businesses to improve experiences is human driven, and Qualtrics AI is giving you the tools you need to continue to make business more human.

Aligning AI models to human values

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati and Qualtrics’ President of AI Strategy, Gurdeep Singh Pall kept the AI conversation going with an in-depth talk about the work OpenAI is doing to help people and organizations realize the benefits of AI.

Mira and Gurdeep touched on how technology like generative AI tool, ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the way work is done, no matter the industry.

Financial service and banking companies are using AI to help with fraud detection.

The automotive industry has leaned on AI to analyze mountains of data to improve operational processes and efficiencies.

And the hospitality industry is automating the process of collecting guest feedback and empowering hotels to gather valuable insights at scale and improving guest experiences.

But, Mira stressed that nothing is more critical than ensuring AI models are not only powerful, but also safely aligned to human values in order for a more seamless experience.

Elevating the hotel guest experience

Hilton President and CEO Chris Nassetta joined Zig Serafin on the X4 mainstage to discuss the investments in technology they’ve made to move beyond
“after-the-stay” surveys and unlock the power of omnichannel listening by turning it into real-time action. Along the way, he reflected on the 100-year-old brand’s legacy as an innovator–everything from registration technologies to culinary staples. If you like brownies, pina coladas, or using your phone as your key—guess what? You have Hilton to thank!

As Hilton leads the way in customer experience, they’ve also been named the #1 Best Place to Work in the World by Fortune magazine. It’s a testament to the fact that as you empower your employees to serve customers better in the moment, it creates more fulfilling experiences for everyone.

See AI-driven intelligence on the XM Platform in action