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11 people team Zoom backgrounds to mix up your meeting mojo

As you settle into working from home, you’re probably establishing completely new routines. Like, primping your hair in the preview of your Zoom call or going for a stroll in the park you’ve negle...

By Amanda Wowk

Employee experience expectations likely to accelerate post COVID-19

Organizational disruptions and change always create uncertainty among employees, managers, and senior leaders alike. COVID-19 is certainly the most salient and ubiquitous disruption impacting nearly e...

By Benjamin Granger

The other COVID-19 crisis: Mental health

Social isolation, employment uncertainty, and the virus itself have combined to shock the health and wellbeing of employees around the world. And while leaders are rightly focused on the physical effe...

By Qualtrics

How to keep your employees engaged while they’re working from home

We’re now living through what Time Magazine is calling ‘The world’s biggest working from home experiment’. So how can you keep your people feeling productive, happy, and engaged while they’r...

By Diana Kaemingk

How to lead remote teams: tips for managers

Managers are looking for extra guidance during this unquestionably strange time. How can they best support their people, while still making sure that productivity and engagement stay high? Here’s so...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to help people work from home: 3 tips for HR leaders

As many of us start working from home full time for the first time, we ask what advice fully remote workplaces have for us and what we can learn from them... 1. Bring people together, even when they...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to communicate effectively to employees during a crisis

Communication is vital to not only those working remotely, but also managers, people team leaders, and the c-suite. So how can you help enable this effectively across your organization? Organizations...

By Catherine Thurtle

HR leaders from all-remote companies on pivoting to working from home during COVID-19

In this installment of our Employee Experience Visionaries series, HR leaders at three of the largest all-remote companies share their insights for pivoting to working from home. During this live virt...

By Amanda Wowk

Adjusting your Employee Experience (EX) program in times of crisis

In times of organizational crisis and change, the company looks to their HR leaders for guidance and reassurance. This is especially the case, now, given the disruptions associated with COVID-19 and t...

By Benjamin Granger

Listening to the voice of your on-site and frontline workers

As many employees shift to remote work, we’re learning to adjust to this new way of working. While it’s not easy to make the switch to virtual teams, having the option to work from home is a privi...

By Cecelia Herbert, Laura Harding

It’s okay not to be okay: How managers can support employee mental health in times of change

During uncertain and fluid times, the need for strong, calm, trustworthy leadership is more important than ever. The American Psychology Association Ask ‘are you okay?’ First thing’s first: a...

By Catherine Thurtle

Remote Work Pulse in action: Keeping teams connected

In just 3 weeks we’ve seen more than 6,000 organizations launch more than 14,000 projects on our 10 XM Solutions to assist companies, governments, healthcare systems, and educational institutions mo...

By Ross Lambert

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