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Turn feedback into action to make sure your employees stay

Your people have plenty of options – assume their loyalty at your peril. How can you keep your employee engaged, and make sure they stay? In the US, we’re a relatively engaged bunch. In fact, o...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to define and develop your workplace ethics

Ethics influence every part of your business. Here’s why they matter, how to develop them and how to make sure your company excels at making ethical choices. What are workplace ethics? Workplace e...

By Tika Wadhwa

What does workplace safety really mean?

Employee safety is more than just harnesses and headgear. Here’s how to create a positive safety culture in your organization using experience data and insights. Workplaces may be safer now than ...

By Tika Wadhwa

How Bright Horizons improved employee wellbeing with X- and O-Data

How do you know when your instincts are wrong? Put simply, you don’t. Not unless you have the data to back it up. That’s why, when Kristin Henderson, Director of Institutional Research at Bright H...

By Catherine Thurtle

New Microsoft + Qualtrics study reveals the impact of breakthrough technology experiences on employee engagement

We’ve all been there, sat in front of a laptop, ready to get our teeth into a project when it happens… the tech fails on us. From software updates to hardware failures, bad IT experiences can be i...

By Marcus Wolf

Work life balance – what does it mean and why does it matter?

The expression ‘work-life balance’ covers a range of ideas, from businesses offering flexible working hours to employees making more of their leisure time. Here’s where the phrase comes from and...

By Sarah Fisher

The future of EX: 20 predictions for 2020

Our team of EX Scientists have donned their soothsayer hats to see what’s coming around the corner in 2020. From AI to climate change, here are the opportunities and challenges that will define the ...

By Catherine Thurtle

20 books HR leaders should read in 2020

Updated November 15th, 2019 The Ultimate Employee Experience Reading List Need a shortlist of the best reads to inspire you in 2020? We’ve got you covered – from seminal classics to the latest t...

By Campbell George

Come for the pancakes - stay for the insights: What I learned sharing pancakes with people analytics leaders

Last week, we hosted the first of a new meetup series - Pancakes and People Analytics - that does exactly as the name suggests. Here’s what I learned sharing delicious pancakes with some of the brig...

By Jack Davies

How to drive customer satisfaction with employee coaching

Your customers play a key role in helping coach your employees and has a win-win effect to help drive voice-of-customer change. Here’s how you can use employee coaching to enable better customer exp...

By Catherine Thurtle

8 ways HR can help develop better managers

We reveal your HR department’s role in shaping outstanding leadership. Attracting and retaining talent is high on every employer’s list, especially within a fast-growing company. But what about d...

By Sarah Fisher

Forrester Study: Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM

Experience management from Qualtrics isn’t just a good strategic decision. It’s an excellent financial decision. In a Qualtrics-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study (TEI), Forrester Consult...

By Catherine Thurtle

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