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Why HR is the secret sauce for innovation

In the latest installment of our Employee Experience Visionaries series, we hear from Geoff Ho, PhD, Director of Organization Development Research at Rogers Communications about: How his team uses “experience” and “operational” data to tackle employee engagement, performance, & turnover How Rogers enables employees at every level to have their voices heard What Geoff believes […]

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7 employee retention strategies from employee experience visionaries

Today, people are your source of innovation. As HR leaders, our role is to attract, retain and motivate our people. And, the companies that get that have the best products, best services and best customer experiences in the world. Any company can be the next Google or Apple with the right people, culture, and set […]

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Crate & Barrel on experience gaps: why they occur and how to close them

Experience gaps occur when a brand fails to meet expectations at any point along the customer journey. It could be a big brand disaster: “I didn’t expect the shop assistant to kick me in the shins – but they did”. A pretty huge experience gap, but thankfully for retail brands a rare occurrence. More frequent […]

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12 employee benefits and perks that your company should consider

There’s no denying it, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Countless research reports back this up, and as the employee experience continues to evolve, employees expect their employers to deliver individualized services and experiences. Today, things like PTO, healthcare, and retirement benefits have become table stakes. But to attract and retain top talent it’s […]

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A roadmap for closing the diversity & inclusion gap

There is a discord among corporate diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. Just 1 in 10 D&I programs reach maturity in the workforce. This is despite 87% of organizations stating it as a value or priority area. It’s a sobering stat, and one which is going to take on greater importance as younger generations – millennials […]

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How to build a benefits program with employee feedback

In a recent survey by Glassdoor, 60% of people said that benefits and perks were a big factor for them when considering a new job offer. And 80% of employees said they’d choose additional benefits over a pay rise. The obvious follow-up question for any HR team is: what benefits do people want? For example, […]

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