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How to make X-Data your competitive advantage

At X4 2019, we’ve heard from the pioneers making Experience Management (XM) breakthroughs that have seen them race to the top — brands like Under Armour, AMEX, Spotify and Nordstrom to name just a few. These brands have equipped their businesses with the tools they need to turn Experience Data (X-Data) into a competitive advantage. […]

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X4 2019 recap, day one: taking on giants, magic beans & more

X4 Experience Management Summit 2020 – March 10-13. Book Your Spot Today! Register Now  As Ryan Smith said in his opening keynote, the X4 Summit’s mission is to break down experience breakthroughs. And who better to kick off our exploration of breakthroughs on X4 Mainstage than a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer? Sir Richard […]

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Samantha Hammock, Chief Learning Officer at American Express: How to think bigger about leadership

Hear from Samantha Hammock, the Chief Learning Officer at American Express, about how they’re enabling great feedback, prioritizing leadership development for all, preparing for the future of work, and more. Over to Samantha! On how she got into HR and why it’s an exciting career today: People who succeed in HR today are curious about […]

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2019’s top employee experience and HR conferences in Europe

The HR world can be a lonely place sometimes, with teams often isolated in their own companies and disconnected from peers at other organisations. Which is why conferences are so great for EX professionals looking to transform their organization and grow their careers. They’re a great chance to share best practice, discuss challenges with your […]

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Rating or Ranking: Choosing the best question type for your data

When it comes to surveys, how you ask each question may be just as important to your data quality as what you ask.

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How to keep remote employees engaged

Before the Industrial Revolution, it was common for men and women to work from home or have hybrid work-homes such as street-facing shops or workshops. The rise of factories in and the Industrial Revolution drew workers outside of the home and that’s where society camped for about 200 years, until about the 1980s when telecommuting […]

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