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How to create a culture of innovation in the workplace

On average, 35% of company revenues are generated from products that didn’t exist 5 years ago. So with innovation such a crucial part of a business’ overall success, are you doing enough to foster a positive and creative employee culture? The benefits of doing so are massive. Companies with a “highly aligned” employee and product […]

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Successful employee journey mapping – the dos and don’ts

Employee journey mapping is a great way to help you identify the moments that matter most to your business and to your employees. As you start your journey mapping process, keep these common pitfalls and best practices in mind to ensure success. An employee journey map is a way of visualizing the various stages an […]

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BuzzFeed’s Lenke Taylor: How HR can drive real impact

Hear from BuzzFeed’s Chief People Officer, Lenke Taylor about how they’re employing technology to answer common HR questions, encourage employees to network with colleagues, act on employee feedback, and more. Over to Lenke! On BuzzFeed’s culture: we take a lot of care to ensure that what we’re doing feels authentic, tailored, and appropriate for the […]

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25 Employee Experience thought leaders to follow on Twitter

Successful companies understand that the key to winning customers starts with their employees. In fact, searches for employee experience have risen by 270% in the past 5 years, as companies continue to invest in the employee experience (EX). So, who are the experts of the employee experience revolution? There are thousands of EX blogs and […]

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Why companies that win at CX started with their employees

The saying ‘happy employees equal happy customers’ is one of the biggest corporate cliches out there. And if you’ve ever been left helpless in a store while staff hung out in the backroom, you’ll know there’s a little more to it. But, there remains a lot of truth in the saying – so why is […]

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Employee feedback: how to drive accountability and action

  Employee feedback surveys are like gym memberships …A simple but accurate analogy. Organizations can collect all the employee feedback they want from their employees but unless they communicate and take action on that feedback, they will not see the results they hope to. It’s as simple as that. In fact, in our experience, consistently […]

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