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An astronaut's advice: 6 ways to thrive in isolation and dream big

British astronaut Tim Peake explains how the lessons he’s learned in space can be applied to our own challenges here on Earth. And the best way to handle anxieties around returning to a new normal. ...

By Catherine Thurtle

Employee evaluation forms: how to get started + free survey template

Ready to formalize – and standardize – your performance management process? Use these tips to create and customize an employee evaluation form that works for your organization. Help your employ...

By Amanda Wowk

10 strategies for developing a strong leader

While some character traits indicate an inclination toward leadership capability, it is still a skill, and skills must be developed in order to unleash their true power. I didn’t wake up one morn...

By John Rampton

Welcome-from-home: HR’s guide to onboarding employees remotely

Demystify the remote onboarding process with these tips – and make your employee experience memorable from day one. As many talent acquisition teams (and hiring managers) around the world have pi...

By Amanda Wowk

How to support your employees’ mental health during the ‘Fall reset’

More than 6 months (and counting) into the thick of the pandemic employers and leaders are facing a new challenge: the Fall reset. Here’s what you can do to support your people. As Brené Brown e...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to empower your people to ask for the benefits they need - and build a package to match their feedback

Gym passes and free office lunches aren’t the perks they once were. It’s time to rethink your employee benefits packages – but what do your people really want? What’s going to make their lives...

By Catherine Thurtle

What is employee net promoter score (eNPS) and how can it be used to improve employee engagement?

What is eNPS? How does it work? Is it an accurate way to measure how your employees feel about your company, and how can it be used to boost employee engagement? What is eNPS? eNPS – aka employee ...

By Jack Davies

Study: COVID-19 offers us the chance to improve employee experience and create the ‘new better.’ Here’s how.

Employees across all industries are facing experience gaps at work. And during the pandemic, issues that used to just bother people became serious impediments to work. At Qualtrics, we conducted a ...

By Liesl Nielsen

Employee satisfaction surveys: Best practices and sample questions

When it comes to measuring job satisfaction, surveys are a powerful solution. Use them strategically to unlock deep employee experience insights that will help employee retention, boost performance, a...

By Sarah Fisher

Feedback is a gift - three stories of businesses pivoting their listening strategies with Qualtrics

One of the most important actions any business can take in response to challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is to regularly listen to their customers and employees. Listening to people to und...

By Ross Lambert

Not in the same boat: Career progression in the pandemic

New study from Qualtrics and theBoardlist finds working during the pandemic disproportionately affects careers of women, parents, and people of color. COVID-19 has forced everyone to adjust to a ne...

By Ben Rogers

Alexion Pharmaceuticals’ HR Chief: How to step out of the HR box

In this installment of our Employee Experience Visionaries series, hear from Anne-Marie Law, Chief Human Experience Officer at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, about: How creating chaos will liberate the...

By Benjamin Granger

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