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Go-To-Market Feature: Customer Operations

At the core of Qualtrics' Customer Operations is a promise: delivering not only solutions but also delight to every customer we serve. Our Product Specialists have a major role to play in creating moments of triumph for our customers. Their constant presence ensures that for every challenge—from routine inquiries to the more intricate, bespoke solutions—there's a dependable expert ready to guide our customers to success.

Three standout features of our customer-centric approach are:

  1. Trustworthy Guidance: Our customers rely on us as their go-to for daily queries and complex opportunities alike. We're not just a support team; we're trusted advisors who stand by to illuminate the path toward resolution with a smile.
  2. Holistic Problem-Solving: With wide-ranging insight into our product offerings, our team members don't just answer questions—they deliver experiences that seamlessly blend with the customer's needs through comprehensive support that's as integrated as it is impactful.
  3. Adaptive Ingenuity: In the dynamic realm of experience management, change is the only constant. Our devotion to ongoing learning and adaptability ensures we’re always poised to elevate our customer support to new heights, enabling our clients to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence.

The strength of Qualtrics' Customer Operations is reflected in the trust our customers place in us. We know that every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce reliability, spark growth, and facilitate impactful experiences that resonate long after the issue is resolved. Our Product Specialists are the backbone of this dependable ecosystem.

Product Specialists

Product Specialists are the frontline team that helps our customers have extraordinary experiences with the Qualtrics® product. We call this area of our organization Qualtrics University because it’s one of the very best places in our organization to learn every aspect of our products and how to maximize a client’s ability to use the product. In the past, the team has even shortened that to Quni. The team is working with customers at every level of our customer organizations, from students to Chief Marketing Officers, and every kind of customer, from startups to Fortune 500 companies to the government.

Arvin, now a senior product specialist, told us, “My favourite part of the role are the connections I've made with different users around the world. While we connect with numerous users each day, the users who you connect with more frequently are a delight to work with. Being able to establish a level of familiarity with each other and sometimes having a friendly chat is fulfilling.”

Our Product Specialists develop their careers in many directions. With their product knowledge, they step into projects for different parts of the business throughout their time with us. This presents opportunities for them to take part in our QMobility process and move into different teams over time. We find former Product Specialists all across the business, in roles ranging from project managers to senior leaders to everything in between.

Working at Qualtrics

Employee Experience Highlights

Qualtrics recognizes the effort and impact of our team through comprehensive benefits that support well-being both in and out of the office. While there are variations across the multiple regions we’re in, there are a few staples:

  1. Experience Bonus: The only way to provide a great experience is to know what one feels like. Our annual experience bonus program gives our team the ability to take their most important moments and make the experience excellent. Whether it’s a dream vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime memory, a bucket list item, or a donation to our own 5 For The Fight - we know our team better understands exceptional experiences for having had one.
  2. Robust Benefits: We want our people to be able to do their best work. Our team gives yearly feedback on our benefits programs, helping to shape our benefits around what’s important to them. Distinctive options like our Wellness Reimbursement, Mental Health Support services, and a variety of individual and family support programs are at the center of our localized, inclusive, and equitable packages.
  3. Values Centered: The way we work matters. Our Values are core to how we show up for one another and our customers. Because of this, we have an annual recognition program where people who are deeply living out these values can be nominated for our TACOS award. A small group with the best examples is selected and awarded with exclusive time with our executive leaders and a financial bonus in recognition of how they’re infusing our culture with values-centered work methods.

What’s it like working at Qualtrics?

Other things to know? We have a hybrid work model. we understand that work is just one part of your busy life. That's why we've crafted a Flexible Work Policy that supports our team's need for balance while maintaining the collaboration and innovation that happen when we share the same space.

Here's the gist of it:

  • Put a ring around Mondays and Thursdays – those are our all-hands-on-deck office days for everyone.
  • Each department gets a bit of autonomy, too. Leaders will pinpoint an additional day for their teams to be in the office, resulting in a neat 3-day office week.
  • For the other 2 days? Take your pick of where you plug in—be it your home office, a coffee shop, or a sunny park bench.
  • Fancy a change of scenery? You’ve got the green light to work from another regional locale for up to two weeks every year.
  • Life happens, and we get it. Missed an office day? Need to shuffle things around? Keep the communication lines open with your manager, and we’ll navigate it together, no stress.
  • The 9-to-5 isn’t set in stone. We're all about accommodating the human side of life—childcare, appointments, you name it.
  • With great autonomy comes great responsibility. Our leaders trust us to manage our time effectively, uphold accountability, and truly embody professionalism.

Our teams gather to collaborate and innovate in purposeful ways every week, all while experiencing purposefully designed offices and on-site perks that make office time comfortable and supportive.

Building a Customer Operations Career at Qualtrics

With competitive healthcare plans, generous time-off policies, a variety of retirement options, and parental leave plans among other benefits, we invest in our team's health and happiness in these specific ways. We know this kind of support helps our team feel well-supported, making space for them to deliver the best customer experiences in their careers.

The Customer Operations group at Qualtrics isn’t just about keeping the gears moving. It’s about being part of a support system that values your growth, recognizes your achievements, and provides the environment and incentives to not just grow but thrive. See where we’re currently growing our teams of Product Specialists by visiting our Career Site and start your journey with Customer Operations today.

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