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Go-To-Market Feature: XM Success

At Qualtrics, when we talk about putting customers first, it's not just lip service —it's the core of who we are. Customer Obsession runs through our veins, centering the values that we operate with and guiding us in everything we do.

For those seeking to understand how deep this commitment goes, our TACOS values offer a window into the force that drives us forward and upward. Learn more here!

So what really separates Qualtrics from the multitude claiming similar customer-centric philosophies? When we look at our Go-To-Market teams - made up of XM Success, Professional Services, and Customer Operations - we see a few stand-out points:

  1. High Impact work: Getting a chance to work on a more complex product and solve individual customer needs and concerns. XM Success partnership isn’t a simple transactional solution. They dive in and solve unique problems. This provides a chance to work with customers of all sizes across a variety of industries and to expand your knowledge and skillset across a variety of accounts.
  2. Growth through learning: XM Success professionals get to evolve as our product evolves. They listen to our customers and make changes, and iterate new solutions along the way. With that, they get to continue to learn and develop with product changes. It’s a benefit of the maturity of our organization that gives professionals exposure to business operation fundamentals, value propositions, and technical expertise.
  3. Leading with creativity: There’s a lot of autonomy in running and growing accounts. XM Success professionals can figure out what works best for their book of business and run with it. XM Success Leadership looks for the team to be innovative and creative, and to make the experience unique for each customer’s needs.

While these features are present across the Go-To-Market organization, our XM Success team is bringing this to life for our customers in a way that leaves no doubt as to their level of customer obsession.

How XM Success is supporting the business

Our XM Success team takes responsibility for delivering on success metrics that focus on the quality of our relationship with our customers. Success metrics are the key measures that we use to understand the health of our business, as well as the progress being made toward our biggest business goals. As with most organizations, our success metrics are focused on getting our leading indicators of success on track - and the XM Success organization is critical to that.

As a part of our Go-To-Market organization, XM Success is focused on key measurements around customer retention and account expansion, as well as usage statistics that indicate future success.

So who is behind this organization? Meet the XM Success Consultants and the Technical Account Managers - key professionals in the work to meet our business goals. Their expertise ranges from previewing product innovations to navigating the complexities of client licenses, all aimed at bolstering the success of our customers. With a service ethos that surpasses satisfaction and aims for the exceptional, they are fundamental to our promise of true Customer Obsession.

XM Success Consultants Careers at Qualtrics

Our XM Success Consultants (XMS Consultants) are with our customers, throughout their entire lifecycle. An XMS Consultant will work to understand the goals of our customers and act as a trusted advisor to ensure customers can be lifetime Qualtrics champions. Day-to-day work ranges from check-ins on accounts to support maximum usage to preparing for renewals.

This role is different from other businesses with customer success/customer support roles in 2 core ways:

  1. By working with Qualtrics, a professional is developing a vast understanding of experience management as an area of business focus, and seeing that in action across a variety of industries and sectors
  2. Confidence in performance with an account is measured through our own platform, giving individuals a unique set of data to evaluate client relationship health and take action to improve.

This gives our teams the kind of information other success organizations can only dream of. With more than just usage data at their fingertips, data as to how our customers are experiencing our products and services can be used to guide how they are working with their customers. The implementation of experience management inside our organization shows up in those moments, and more, in the careers of our XM Success team and makes the path to success a much clearer one.

Ana, from our Mexico City team, shared, “We have very clear goals so it's easy to set objectives. Days vary because customer requests can be technical or commercial so that will dictate who I reach out to.”

Technical Account Manager

Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) take charge of building and nurturing relationships with our customers, giving them top-notch technical expertise and support. They are core to ensuring customer happiness, driving the successful implementation of our products and services, and being their trusted point of contact for all their technical needs. TAMs develop incredibly versatile skills that are relevant in any industry or company and can see how some of the largest companies in the world run their experience programs.

“Our larger programs are on the cutting edge of Experience Management. They are using our platform to gather immense amounts of feedback, to run that feedback through our analytics engine and drive actions to improve the experience of their customers/employees. Given the complexity of these programs, customers often request help from TAMs to ensure their program is technically optimised and running smoothly,” shared Greg, Keating, the Head of Enterprise Services for EMEA.

If you're interested in learning more about a career as a Technical Account Manager, hop over to our deep-dive on the role.

The unique work in XM Success

With three distinct areas of work in our Go-To-Market organization, all focused on delivering for our customers, it would be reasonable to ask about overlapping deliverables and activities. While there are shared priorities, each of our customer-serving areas of the Go-To-Market organization has specific scopes of work that drive them.

Unlike Professional Services and Customer Operations, XM Success is a constant presence for our customers. Operating with a rhythm that aligns with our customers, XM Success is focused on making Experience Management a daily priority within our client base. Our XM Success team is focused on delivering genuine, impactful support tailored to our client's needs. This team is one of our frontlines, exemplifying how we’re focused on getting things right with data-driven decisions and meaningful customer engagements. XM Success is about diligent problem-solving and innovation—where your work directly influences customer satisfaction.

Working at Qualtrics

Employee Experience Highlights

Qualtrics recognizes the effort and impact of our team through comprehensive benefits that support well-being both in and out of the office. While there are variations across the multiple regions we’re in, there are a few staples:

  • Experience Bonus: The only way to provide a great experience is to know what one feels like. Our annual experience bonus program gives our team the ability to take their most important moments and make the experience excellent. Whether it’s a dream vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime memory, a bucket list item, or a donation to our own 5 For The Fight - we know our team better understands exceptional experiences for having had one.
  • Robust Benefits: We want our people to be able to do their best work. Our team gives feedback on our benefits programs, helping to shape our benefits around what’s important to them. Distinctive options like our Wellness Reimbursement, Mental Health Support services, and a variety of individual and family support programs are at the center of our localized, inclusive, and equitable packages.
  • Values Centered: The way we work matters. Our Values are core to how we show up for one another and our customers. Because of this, we have an annual recognition program where people who are deeply living out these values can be nominated for our TACOS award. A small group with the best examples is selected and awarded with exclusive time with our executive leaders and a financial award in recognition of how they’re infusing our culture with values-centered work methods.

What’s it like working at Qualtrics?

Other things to know? We have a hybrid work model. We understand that work is just one part of your busy life. That's why we've crafted a Flexible Work Policy that supports our team's need for balance while maintaining the collaboration and innovation that happen when we share the same space.

Here's the gist of it:

  • Put a ring around Mondays and Thursdays – those are our all-hands-on-deck office days for everyone.
  • Each department gets a bit of autonomy, too. Leaders will pinpoint an additional day for their teams to be in the office, resulting in a neat 3-day office week.
  • For the other 2 days? Take your pick of where you plug in—be it your home office, a coffee shop, or a sunny park bench.
  • Fancy a change of scenery? You’ve got the green light to work from another regional locale for up to two weeks every year.
  • Life happens, and we get it. Did you miss an office day? Need to shuffle things around? Keep the communication lines open with your manager, and we’ll navigate it together, no stress.
  • The 9-to-5 isn’t set in stone. We're all about accommodating the human side of life—childcare, appointments, you name it.
  • With great autonomy comes great responsibility. Our leaders trust us to manage our time effectively, uphold accountability, and truly embody professionalism.

Our teams gather to collaborate and innovate in purposeful ways every week, all while experiencing purposefully designed offices and on-site perks that make office time comfortable and supportive.

Building an XM Success Career at Qualtrics

With competitive healthcare plans, generous time-off policies, a variety of retirement options, and parental leave plans among other benefits, we invest in our team's health and happiness in these specific ways. We know this kind of support helps our team feel well-supported, making space for them to deliver the best customer experiences in their careers.

For people who want to drive tangible outcomes with their careers, a career in XM Success can provide a chance to shape how brands connect with their customers. See where we’re currently growing our team by visiting our Career Site to start your journey as an XM Success Consultant or as a Technical Account Manager today.

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