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Qualtrics Life is nothing more or less than a collection of the stories, experiences, and voices of the people of Qualtrics.

Articles written by Qualtrics Life

Profile of a People Leader: Alexia Newgord

This interview took place shortly after we announced our 2020 People Leader of the Year awards. Alexia won the award as an associate manager of software engineering and was one of eight recipients of ...

10min read

Profile of a People Leader: Mary Kynaston

This interview took place shortly after we announced our 2020 People Leader of the Year awards. Mary won the award as a sales development team leader and was one of eight recipients of the award. If y...

11min read

People Leader of the Year Awards 2020

Last year we launched the inaugural People Leader of the Year Awards to recognize three exceptional leaders from across the three major business areas of the company. The winners of the award were cho...

5min read

Experience designer: Tasi, Research Services Sales Development Representative

I am an experience designer; I love to create fun and impactful experiences for people around me. I try to fill my life with memorable experiences, whether it's with my family (my wife and two kids), ...

3min read

Humans of Qualtrics: Shobana

I am a proud British Indian  - born in Kenya, raised in India, and worked in the US, Asia, and the UK. Entered the workforce as a programmer, led teams as a project lead, went on to lead large busine...

4min read

Working for impact: Ethan, IT Analyst

I want to use my career to provide fulfillment for me and my family, fight for climate change and inequality solutions, and use technical solutions to make people's lives easier. Qualtrics connects wi...

2min read

People + Challenge = Perfection says Felix, Account Executive

I am a person who likes to be around people, discuss, enjoy life, and love challenges. For me, account management at Qualtrics is a perfect fit. It's a challenging job to provide the best possible exp...

2min read

Dan, Senior Manager, Global Operations: Have fun, have impact

My purpose is to have fun and have impact. I think individual values can vary over time, but these two are a constant for me. Qualtrics offers me plenty of both! Have Fun - Qualtrics is full ...

3min read

Experience at the center of everything: Rumi, Senior Customer Success Consultant

"Experience" is everything to me. I believe it matters in both personal & professional lives, and that's the reason why I decided to join Qualtrics. Being a mother of a two-year-old daughter, I am...

4min read

Erica, Principal Customer Success Consultant: Problem-solver

I love people, and I love working to understand and solve problems. I started my career in the marketing space because I enjoyed digging into consumer data, pulling out insights, and using those to sh...

4min read

One Team + Customer Obsessed: Kevin, Global Operations Guru

My "why" is helping my teams achieve their potential. Whether the team is my recreational softball team, my family, my small work team, my department, or something bigger, I think a little bit of stra...

2min read

Amy, Web Developer, on loving her job

It's not often when you find something you really enjoy doing that happens to be your job and just so happens to be what you studied for. I get to do something that I love every day when I come to wor...

5min read

Bringing her best self to work: Lucia, Technical Account Manager

Community, impact, learning, and "high stakes” drive me. I always want to be surrounded by amazing, uplifting people, and I'm driven to do my part to make the community around me uplifting as well. ...

3min read

Seeking Impact: Ariana, Product Specialist

My goal is to help people and make an impact in any way I can. Qualtrics allows me to do this every day and touch many different lives. What attracted you to Qualtrics in the first place?    The ...

1min read

All in to change the world: Felipe, Senior Technology Consultant

Natural motivation, that’s what first pops into my head. I grew up in a small household and moved to LA from Brazil after my 3rd birthday. My mom always pushed me to be the best in everything I’ve...

4min read

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