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Qualtrics Life is nothing more or less than a collection of the stories, experiences, and voices of the people of Qualtrics.

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Elaine, UX Designer: it’s all about design

As I build my design career, one of the most important things to me is to achieve the closest distance between the results of my work and the reason why the design discipline exists. I design because ...

6min read

Mara, Sales Development Representative, Speaks About Growth and Opportunities in Her Role

After the hard work and commitment that I put into college, I wanted to find an employer that recognises my skills, continuously challenges me, and gives me all the opportunities and means to grow...a...

2min read

Connecting, Learning and Giving Back: Charlotte, Emerging Sales Representative

Why do I do what I do? My “Why” is all about connecting with others. Qualtrics gives you the opportunity to learn from extremely talented people. Together we’re solving customer challenges an...

4min read

Under the hood: Operations Program Manager, Akshay, talks about his "why"

Working with like-minded people in an environment that promotes creative-solutioning, high-impact results, and success is a wonderful feeling that drives me to do what I do. It is an ever-changing env...

3min read

Better than she found it: Julia, Principal Customer Success Consultant, talks about her "why"

I've always strived to leave things better than when I found them. I find myself thinking... how can “x” be better or how can I improve “y”? Having a positive impact on the world around me is ...

7min read

What keeps you at your job? Hilary spells out what keeps her at Qualtrics!

I think your ‘why’ evolves over time. It might start out that you choose a job so you can support your family, the lifestyle you want, pay your bills, etc., but that's not what keeps you at your j...

8min read

Impact and relationships - Stephanie’s "Why"

When I think about my “why,” I would say making an impact is a driving force whether it is in my personal life or professional career. Relationships are extremely important to me and I strive to m...

3min read

Light bulbs and reliability: Enterprise Team Lead Tyne shares his "why"

I am driven by two fundamental objectives, i) enjoying life and ii) being the best provider I can for my family. Qualtrics supports these 2 key objectives in a unique way. Firstly, at Qualtrics we emp...

5min read

Mentorship and snowcapped mountains: Cian's journey as an Emerging Sales Representative

Qualtrics is only at the start of a very big wave in terms of XM or experience management. XM and the 4 pillars (customer, employee, brand & product) are applicable to almost every business global...

5min read

Exceptional experiences: Yuri, Account Executive, on joining Qualtrics

I have a passion for providing exceptional experiences and am driven by relationships. I always wondered how people perceive their experiences that they have every moment, and how it can be changed wi...

3min read

Success and happiness go hand in hand for Rory, Sales Development Representative

Since I began to really think about what I wanted to do with my life and my career, I have come to the realisation that, although I do want to be successful, I don't want to be successful and unhappy....

3min read

Meet Nicole, UX Designer: Designing Software and Solving Problems

I am very curious about people and their motivations and someone who wants to use whatever I am doing to creatively better the world. Qualtrics allows me to connect these things by giving me an avenue...

3min read

Love for learning and humility: Meet Kelsey, Technical Account Manager

I do what I do because I want to be a lifelong learner. Technology is a field that is constantly growing and changing, and that has always been very exciting to me. I love helping people discover what...

4min read

Josh, Sales Development Representative and his journey with Qualtrics so far

My 'why' is growing my sales career. I want to be successful in my work and have the opportunity to learn from and work with the best. I enjoy the structured career path that Qualtrics has offered ...

4min read

Sharath, Sales Development Representative: Even in failure there is success

Personally, I like to be challenged and help solve unique problems. I enjoy challenges because they force me to use my head and look at things from different perspectives. They often stimulate growth ...

6min read

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