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Go-To-Market Feature: Professional Services

In the bustling marketplace of today, just about every business will tell you they're "putting the customer first." Yet, here at Qualtrics, we don't just put the customer first – we live and breathe Customer Obsession.

It's more than just a neat catchphrase; it's woven into the very fabric of our ethos. And for those who think we're all talk, our TACOS values tell the full tale. There's a whole world behind that acronym - check it out here.

You might wonder, amid a sea of customer-focused companies, what sets Qualtrics apart. It's simple:

  1. Bringing a vision to life: Our professional services team is not launching just any kind of programing. They’re bringing the Experience Management vision to life, creating an impact both on those customers and the overal development of the XM category.
  2. Supportive team environment: This team focuses on ensuring they have a healthy team environment, that inspires collaboration - not cutthroat competition. Leaders focus on delivering a work/life situation that fosters sustainable high performance for the team as a whole, and that delivers on the “one team” promise of Qualtrics.
  3. Growth through learning: Our product continues to develop so we can set the bar for experience management for our customers, leaving major opportunities for our team to grow. Adapting to product developments, and iterating on new solutions for our customers, gives our team the opportunity to be continuously developing.

At the epicenter of our customer-centric universe is our Professional Services team. These are the architects of success for our clients, the skilled professionals who make customer needs into realities. Together with our Customer Operations teams, they don't just support accounts—they elevate them.

Professional Services: The foundation of Customer Success

Think of our Professional Services as the deep product and customer experts, crafting bespoke solutions to customer challenges and making their priorities a reality. It’s their insightful strategies and meticulous planning that influence our ambitious targets for renewal and growth.

Professional Services is in the starring role during the onboarding and program maturation phases of our customer relationships. The bulk of the work in this arm of the organization is realized through our Solution Architects and Technology Consultants. What part does each of these roles play? Check it out.

Solution Architects

Sarthak, a solution architect based out of our Dublin office, told us, “I love the balanced skillset the role brings to the table: technical expertise coupled with business acumen. A Solutions Architect wears different hats in different projects; that makes this role quite dynamic thereby enabling everyday learning”

Solution Architects engage early in the sales cycle when we are working closely with a customer to collaboratively define a vision for their experience transformation. They work alongside the Sales Executive to then develop the value proposition for the transformation program, building a compelling execution path that is achievable, appropriate to their desired business outcomes, and profitable for Qualtrics. The Solution Architect then brings the execution plan to the customer, building their understanding, trust, and confidence in how we will make them successful.

When we spoke to Bradley, from our Dublin office, he shared that the most exciting element of his role was, “The opportunity to learn something new every day. One day I could be having a conversation with product management about a new feature for the product, while on another I could be building a solution design, and on another, a pricing strategy for a customer. There is a new challenge every day, and it provides the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills.”

Technology Consultant

The Implementation Team is at the heart of Qualtrics. The initial onboarding experience and solution delivery establishes the client relationship and sets the tone for the partnership. We understand our clients’ goals and, as trusted advisors, recommend solutions to the challenges they face. We listen carefully to our clients and advocate for customers internally, driving operational improvements and product enhancements.

Darren, a Technology Consultant on our EMEA team, shared, “What attracted me to the technology consultant role on the CX delivery team here at Qualtrics was the wide range of skills you can learn and excel at. Working with many clients across a wide range of industries means you are always facing a new challenge and learning opportunity. The role gives a lot of autonomy and responsibility to the individual to drive the project outcomes.”

In dissecting the experiences that shape client success stories, our Technology Consultant team can be found at the very heart—integrating, customizing, and deploying solutions that make a real difference. This isn't about lofty goals; it's about rolling up your sleeves and collaborating with colleagues to fight the good fight against bad experiences, empowered by the understanding that we're here to deliver unmistakable impact.

How Professional Services stands out at Qualtrics

While Professional Services, Customer Operations, and XM Success are all hands-on with our customers, it’s our Professional Services team that is taking the stage at one of the most critical customer milestones. The early phases of a customer relationship - from initial scoping that helps a customer make the case for our services to the earliest days of onboarding - can make or break the long-term potential of a customer relationship.

Different to the other customer-focused arms of our Go-To-Market team, Professional Services is deep in the technical detail of our products and our customer’s needs. They’re often as much on “their” team as they are on “ours.” Operating at this critical milestone makes this team the place to be for anyone looking to get as many organizations embedded with XM as possible.

Working at Qualtrics

Employee Experience Highlights

Qualtrics recognizes the effort and impact of our team through comprehensive benefits that support well-being both in and out of the office. While there are variations across the multiple regions we’re in, there are a few staples:

  1. Experience Bonus: The only way to provide a great experience is to know what one feels like. Our annual experience bonus program gives our team the ability to take their most important moments and make the experience excellent. Whether it’s a dream vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime memory, a bucket list item, or a donation to our own 5 For The Fight - we know our team better understands exceptional experiences for having had one.
  2. Robust Benefits: We want our people to be able to do their best work. Our team gives yearly feedback on our benefits programs, helping to shape our benefits around what’s important to them. Distinctive options like our Wellness Reimbursement, Mental Health Support services, and a variety of individual and family support programs are at the center of our localized, inclusive, and equitable packages.
  3. Values Centered: The way we work matters. Our Values are core to how we show up for one another and our customers. Because of this, we have an annual recognition program where people who are deeply living out these values can be nominated for our TACOS award. A small group with the best examples is selected and awarded with exclusive time with our executive leaders and a financial award in recognition of how they’re infusing our culture with values-centered work methods.

What’s it like working at Qualtrics?

Other things to know? We have a hybrid work model. we understand that work is just one part of your busy life. That's why we've crafted a Flexible Work Policy that supports our team's need for balance while maintaining the collaboration and innovation that happen when we share the same space.

Here's the gist of it:

  • Put a ring around Mondays and Thursdays – those are our all-hands-on-deck office days for everyone.
  • Each department gets a bit of autonomy, too. Leaders will pinpoint an additional day for their teams to be in the office, resulting in a neat 3-day office week.
  • For the other 2 days? Take your pick of where you plug in—be it your home office, a coffee shop, or a sunny park bench.
  • Fancy a change of scenery? You’ve got the green light to work from another regional locale for up to two weeks every year.
  • Life happens, and we get it. Missed an office day? Need to shuffle things around? Keep the communication lines open with your manager, and we’ll navigate it together, no stress.
  • The 9-to-5 isn’t set in stone. We're all about accommodating the human side of life—childcare, appointments, you name it.
  • With great autonomy comes great responsibility. Our leaders trust us to manage our time effectively, uphold accountability, and truly embody professionalism.

Our teams gather to collaborate and innovate in purposeful ways every week, all while experiencing purposefully designed offices and on-site perks that make office time comfortable and supportive.

Building a Professional Services Career at Qualtrics

From mental health resources to ensure you stay sharp and supported, to our employee stock purchase plan which lets you own a piece of what you're building, we provide tangible rewards that acknowledge your hard work. Personal development at Qualtrics is enabled by mentorship, leadership training, and a culture that encourages taking the reins of new challenges that help define our industry.

For people who want to drive tangible outcomes with their careers, a career in Professional Services can provide a chance to shape how brands connect with their customers. See where we’re currently growing our team of Solution Architects and Technology Consultants by visiting our Career Site and start your journey with Professional Services today.

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