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Simplifying complexity: Bringing research in-house

Originally published on Research Live While the fundamental principles of market research rarely change, it’s hard to deny that new tools and technologies have turned the industry on its head. Wh...

By Tim Farmer

One in five Americans would seek infection with the COVID-19 virus to earn an “immunity passport”

A wide variety of political and business leaders have advocated for “immunity certificates” or “immunity passports”. These would allow individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 to attend la...

By Carol Haney, Greg Laughlin

Back in the air: How to get travelers flying again during COVID-19

Travelers are facing a crisis of confidence. Bookings are down 85% from a year ago, and after rising gradually during the summer ticket sales have stalled in the past month. But airports and flights h...

By Elizabeth ErkenBrack Ph.D.

Qualtrics + Rybbon: Encourage study participation with automated rewards

If you want to maximize participation rates or show appreciation for customer feedback, this announcement is for you... Introducing the Qualtrics and Rybbon partnership, making Incentives Management ...

By Harry Gough

Qualtrics partners with NORC at the University of Chicago to bring enhanced rigor and versatility to US population research

Probability-based survey panels offer the relative affordability and speed of panel-based research, with an additional layer of statistical confidence. That’s why we’ve partnered with NORC’s pro...

By Jack Davies

Insights are great — but taking action is what we need now

We all have insights — and right now many organizations have more than they ever had before. Find out how to go one step further and use them to drive real change and take action to improve the expe...

By Jack Davies

Seth Godin: 10 lessons for marketing in the new normal

“Possibility is where you find it. We each have more to offer than the world expects. And growth is something we’re capable of, as soon as we’re committed to seeing what we can contribute.” ...

By Lisa Khatri

Survey response rates remain strong during COVID-19

Despite researchers’ initial fears that COVID-19 would impact response rates, the latest data shows research samples remain strong, with respondents clearly willing to take part in both market and a...

By Elizabeth Dean

Tips for measuring behavioral frequency

We often need to measure the frequency of behaviors such as how often someone goes grocery shopping, how many appliances someone has purchased in the past year, or how many times someone has gone to t...

By Emily Geisen

5 Tips to improve the clarity of your survey questions

If you want high-quality data from your research project, it’s vital that people understand and are comfortable responding to your surveys. Find out how to improve the clarity of the questions you a...

By Emily Geisen

5 Common errors in the research process

Designing a research project takes time, skill and knowledge. If you don’t go into the process with a clear goal and methods, you’ll likely come out with skewed data or an inaccurate picture of wh...

By Qualtrics

People are happy to take part in market research during coronavirus - here’s why you shouldn’t put your plans on hold

Even though an overwhelming majority of researchers believing now is an appropriate time to move forward with some type of research, more than two-thirds of companies are canceling or postponing their...

By Erica Dinger, Karen Goldstein

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