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What is acquiescence bias and how can you stop it?

Acquiescence bias is a real issue in survey research. Learn how you can spot it using our examples and read our 5 top tips to avoid it. What is acquiescence bias? Acquiescence bias, also known as th...

By Meena Toor

10 ways AI can help market researchers succeed

When we see representations of artificial intelligence in the media, it’s nearly always focused on the more attention-grabbing ways things can go wrong: driverless cars entrapping us (Minority Repor...

By Daniel Saunders

How to write great survey questions (and avoid common mistakes)

Learning how to write survey questions is both art and science. The wording you choose can make the difference between accurate, useful data and just the opposite. Fortunately, we’ve got a raft of t...

By Sarah Fisher, Scott Smith

How to reduce bias in research design with cognitive testing

Eliminating bias in study questions, especially when we are not aware of it, is challenging but essential. Why? Biased questions lead to inconsistent data, offensive questions, lower response rates an...

By Emily Geisen

7 Ways to pretest your survey before you send it

Time is money, and often researchers want to send out their surveys as quickly as possible. But rushing to distribute a survey can result in unforeseen problems with the data collection. Pretesting he...

By Sarah Fisher

Ethical issues to consider when conducting survey research

What are the ethical standards you should adhere to as a survey researcher? And which ethical questions should you look out for when you create and conduct your survey? Let’s explore. What do we me...

By Sarah Fisher

Six ways to find more survey participants

Get the right results from your survey by finding the right survey respondents to provide confidence in your data The challenge of finding survey respondents Getting the right survey participants is...

By Meena Toor

17 Market research tools you should be using

From trawling the mighty US Census, to calculating percent change in an instant, there’s a whole lot of research tools out there to help you do your job as a market researcher. When you’re conduc...

By Ruth D'Alessandro

How to create an effective survey

You don’t have to be an expert to create a survey, but by following a few survey best practices you can make sure you’re collecting the best data possible. Access 50+ expert-designed survey tem...

By Sarah Fisher

Free poll maker: Create and share polls quickly and easily

Create a poll in minutes to quickly and easily inform marketing strategy, get instant feedback, gather suggestions, or simply find out what your team wants for lunch... GET STARTED: Create a free a...

By Catherine Thurtle

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research: What is it and when should you use It?

Qualitative and Quantitative research are established and effective ways of collecting data. Learn when to use them, when not to - and how they can help you to reach your research goals Firstly, it...

By Harry Gough

How EnergyAustralia is moving from insights to outcomes

For too long research has simply focused on measuring. But all measurement does is tell you what you’ve done or where you’ve been. What value is this when business moves at incredible speed and...

By Lisa Khatri

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