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Six things to consider before writing your survey

The end goal of any survey is getting data that’s accurate and useful. While you might be tempted to start writing your survey right away, if the research foundation is not laid out well, you might ...

By Diana Kaemingk

15 survey questions for B2B buyer persona success

No one ever built a successful buyer B2B persona framework by guessing. In fact, building your buyer personas without research is a great way to fail. If your buyer personas are off, your product will...

By Justin Ethington

Questionnaire: Everything you need to design your own

Create a survey questionnaire that will help you target your research goals. The written questionnaire is the heart and soul of any survey research project. Whether you conduct your survey using on...

By Qualtrics

Using Attention Checks in Your Surveys May Harm Data Quality

Thinking of checking up on respondent attention mid-survey to make sure that you’re getting good data? Think again. In this article, we highlight how new findings from our Qualtrics Methodology L...

By Dave Vannette

How to Build Your Own Interactive Quiz

Interactive quizzes or online surveys are a great way to engage and convert customers. How do I know this? Well, not only have I spent an embarrassing amount of time taking online quizzes (Last wee...

By Rachel Barker

The 1936 election - a polling catastrophe

There is an oft-cited polling mistake that took place in the 1936 election. Read on to find out how an incorrect sample frame can destroy a study and lead to plenty of confusion. The story It was 19...

By Qualtrics

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