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Must-see market research sessions at X4 2020

It’s the biggest Experience Management event on the planet, so you won’t be short of things to see. Check out our guide to the must-see sessions at this year’s X4 for market researchers from the...

By Jack Davies

Major League Baseball’s Scott Harris on surprising insights and the future of research

As part of our Market Research Visionaries series, we spoke to Major League Baseball Strategic Research Manager, Scott Harris, about working in sports, personalizing feedback methods for millions of f...

By Catherine Thurtle

Democratizing data: How Stanford's JD Schramm creates stories that matter

JD Schramm, a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, finds market research fascinating. Why? Not because of the data itself, but because of the opportunities that arise from it. As a practi...

By Harry Gough

New research: Understanding world issues through the experiences of those who are living them

This week global decision-makers will gather in Davos for the 50th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss how they can work together to build a more cohesive and sustainable future. Alo...

By Steven Snell

Survey trolls, the Privacy Paradox, and Pizzagate

Sunshine Hillygus PhD, is a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Duke University. As part of our Market Research Visionaries series she talks us through the importance of valid response...

By Catherine Thurtle

Larry Friedman: ‘The future challenges and opportunities of market research’

For more than 40 years, Larry Friedman Ph.D has been a pioneer in his field.  Currently Co-Editor of the GreenBook blog, his career started in academia, before becoming the Chief Research Officer at ...

By Catherine Thurtle

Qualtrics XM Institute launches new CX benchmarks

Do you want to find out how your industry ranks for customer experience (CX)? Or perhaps you want to know what the average CX rating is for companies like your own to help benchmark your own performan...

By Bruce Temkin

Primary vs. secondary market research: What they are and when to use each

Ancient sailors consumed data just like we do today, but their data wasn't terabytes, it was shiny lights - stars to be exact. They navigated their vessels by reading Big Three constellations - Cas...

By Justin Ethington

CoreXM, the foundation of experience management

Every industry evolves. The music industry went from eight-tracks to streaming services. TV went from broadcast to Netflix. Phones went from bricks to small computers that fit in your pocket. Even car...

By Kelly Waldher

Product and pricing research — how conjoint analysis takes the guesswork out of product development

Imagine a life with unlimited resources to build the next ‘must-have’ product or develop your latest upgrade. Or one in which the cost of materials or development had no interconnection with the p...

By Amy Bates

23 market research thought leaders to follow on Twitter

Without data and market research, you wouldn’t be able to provide a great employee, brand, product, or customer experience because you couldn’t understand how to accomplish it. Sure, you could mak...

By Diana Kaemingk

Ideas not insights: Unilever explains how technology is transforming market research

Today, too many organizations find themselves drowning in data, struggling to turn copious amounts of customer information into real actions. And things are only getting tougher for insights teams: th...

By Daniel Saunders

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