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X4 2024 Strategy & Research Showcase: Introducing the future of insights generation

At X4® 2024, we showcased how Qualtrics AI® enables teams to quickly summarize, analyze, and elevate qualitative and quantitative data, transforming the way research is done and amplifying business outcomes at scale.

Customers tell us they’ve been flooded with potential AI solutions and specialist suppliers over the last year. AI is profoundly enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness, but with technology advancing so fast it’s hard to know what’s hype versus product truth. Meanwhile, tighter budgets make it more critical than ever to choose tools and suppliers wisely.

To help our customers conduct deep, powerful research, without breaking the bank, we’ve enhanced the XM® product suites they know and trust with purpose-built, integrated machine intelligence. These features improve efficiency, erase data silos, and add new dimensions of scalability.

If your market research function is ready to go from a bolted-together mish-mash of tools, agencies, and third parties to a single, unified source of knowledge that generates insights on an unprecedented scale, then we think you’re going to love the new Strategy and Research SuiteTM.

Here’s a look at what we unveiled at X4.

AI-powered, centralized data storage and semantic search

Researc Hub takes our single source of knowledge principle to the next level. It’s an AI powered repository of owned research spanning all of your total research knowledge capital, from customer feedback to brand studies to product insights.

Research Hub liberates your mothballed data and combines it with what’s current, so instead of commissioning a new study, you can find the answers you need using information you already own. It unites quantitative and qualitative research from all of your audiences to deliver maximum ROI from your research activities past and present.

Research Hub goes far beyond basic keywords. It uses Qualtrics-tailored AI to understand the intent and context of your search and deliver more meaningful, useful results. It does this across millions of data points, freeing your time and energy for the work that only human minds can do.

You can use Research Hub to collate and curate data collections that are relevant to your projects, then share them with team members. In the future, we’ll add functionality that lets you combine data from across multiple studies, yielding brand new insights.

Research Hub is live now with selected preview customers.

New ways to connect with consumers and get effortless insights, fast

Panels are now easier to integrate. Our customers can now connect to a third party online panel from within Qualtrics, choosing from a network of 200+ partners. You can create your own panel or select from pre-configured panel templates - whatever works best to pinpoint your target audience.

Each panel respondent interacts through our Panelist Portal app, which puts you in control of their experience. Your team can easily customize which studies participants see and even send targeted messages to segments of your audience.

Online panels are ideal for diving straight in and getting results. Where your panel requirements are more complex, our expert Research Services team is on-hand to support you.

A new generation of research features and AI tools

AI really takes the brakes off scalability, allowing you to process high volumes of qualitative data at high speed. Here are just a few of the ways our AI tools save you time and money. Many of these products are live right now or in preview with our customers.

Coming soon:

  • Automated video summaries parse experience data from your panels and in-depth interviews and synthesize it into a clear summary of trends and insights. They identify up to five themes across your response data, and tie them to quotes within the transcript that exemplify the point in the respondent’s own words.
  • Video transcripts are automatic, with up to 10 speakers identified, and they’re broken up into chapters for easy navigation. Naturally, sentiment and topic analysis are at work, showing up in the transcript with helpful highlights and color coding.

Live now:

  • Interview scheduling tools minimize the admin around online in-depth interviews. A survey screens potential participants, then offers them a time-slot when interviewers are free. They’ll get a link to join a Zoom call, hosted within the Qualtrics platform. This feature is now in preview with selected customers.
  • Using our highlight reels builder, you can create video clip summaries that capture the essence of your unmoderated user testing data and tell a compelling story when you present your results.
  • What if you could have a conversation with all of your respondents at once - and get coherent responses? With conversational qualitative analytics you can delve into your qualitative data using interactive dialogue to find patterns and trends. Like any good conversation, it’s effortless and engaging.
  • Survey response clarity puts AI to work improving the quality of your survey data, helping you avoid having to re-run studies or rely on flawed data when making important business decisions.
  • Adaptive survey follow-up reacts to your respondents’ answers, adaptively requesting additional information to add layers of meaning and context.
  • All of your data forms part of a bigger picture, so we developed Dashboard Summarization to keep track of the most critical insights from across your data universe and deliver them when you need them. Less clicking through dashboards, more taking action.
  • Why write your own report? Executive report generation automatically summarizes critical insights from your dashboards and presents them in a clear, actionable format.

The next generation of digital UX research

We’re bringing UX testing tools and capabilities together into a single, cost-effective product - one that sits on the same platform as the rest of your research. It unites UX essentials like surveys, card sorting, tree testing and video analysis, and methodologies like moderated and unmoderated user testing. And as before, these tools are elevated with AI functionality.

For example, with our unmoderated testing you can set up a task flow for users to complete, inviting them to record themselves. They will put your online prototype through its paces while generating audio and video data for you to transform into insights using AI tools.

Moderated testing with moderator and scheduling tools is currently in preview, and everything else is live right now for Qualtrics customers.

Find out how to transform data into outcomes with Qualtrics AI

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