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Unfortunately the Research Suite cannot yet do your laundry, but we are working on it. In the mean time, we hope these answers to other frequently asked questions will be helpful to you.

Survey Design




Survey Design

How can I test my survey before sending it out?

The “Preview Survey” option on the Edit Survey page will allow you to see and take the survey as if you were a respondent. You can also use the Test Survey option (found under Advanced Options) to generate test results. The Test Survey option will also alert you if there are any problems with the logic in your survey. [back to top]

How do I change the background or template of my survey?

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Edit Survey tab.
  2. Select Look and Feel.
The Fonts, Colors, General, and Advanced tabs include areas where you can edit. For users familiar with CSS, you can click the Add Custom CSS button to edit the CSS of the survey look and feel template. You can even create your own CSS Stylesheet. [back to top]

How do I display different messages for different survey takers at the end of the survey?

In the Survey Flow you can add multiple branches, place logic on the branches that specifies which survey takers should enter those branches. Then put End of Survey elements into the branch. You can then customize the End of Survey element and specify the message you would like to display (and even create one on the fly in the Survey Flow, if needed). These steps will help you create a custom survey ending:
  1. Go to the Edit Survey tab.
  2. Click the Survey Flow icon.
  3. Find where you want a survey ending.
  4. Click Add a New Element Here.
  5. Select End of Survey.
  6. Click Customize and add the ending you would like.
You can add End of Survey elements to each branch. If you need a random ending, even on the same branch, you can use the Randomizer to randomly present a different ending. [back to top]

How do I export my survey to Word?

This is done by going to the Edit Survey tab, clicking Advanced Options, and selecting “Export Survey to Word…” You will be given the document as a .docx file type. An alternate option is to print your survey to PDF. [back to top]

I created a survey in Word. How can I import this survey into Qualtrics?

Qualtrics does not directly support importing a survey from Word. However, there are many features in Qualtrics which make it easy to quickly create a survey. You can copy and paste text from Word directly into Qualtrics. To insert a long list of answer choices, you can use the Edit Multiple function (blue link next to the Choices option). You can also import a survey that has been saved as a txt file if it is correctly formatted. Click here for more information. [back to top]

How do I generate a code number to display to respondents so they can have credit for taking the survey?

Qualtrics automatically generates an ID which is associated with every survey response. While this ID is not consistent across respondents or surveys, it can function as a code number to display to respondents. To have a code number for respondents, you can use the “Response IDs.” These are a random combination of letters and numbers automatically generated by Qualtrics in connection with each distinct response. Keep in mind that there is no response ID until the response has been submitted; thus it is suggested to pipe in the response ID in an End of Survey Message. Our piped text feature will capture each respondent’s unique ID, which are stored with each response. In setting up your End of Survey Message, use the icon on the left {a}, “Insert Piped Text.” You’ll want to pipe text from an “embedded data” field, “ResponseID.” This way each respondent can view his/her response ID, and this information will also automatically show up in the results. [back to top]

How do I insert a back button?

Go to the Edit Survey tab, select Survey Options, and choose the option to use the back button. [back to top]

How do I insert a consent form into my survey?

The best way to add a consent form to your survey is by adding a multiple choice question at the beginning of your survey. Include the consent form text in the question text and then have the yes/no answer choices (or appropriate answer choices). You can then use skip logic or survey flow branch logic to terminate the respondent if they do not consent to the terms and conditions. [back to top]

How do I insert a footer into my survey?

Follow these steps to insert a footer into a survey:
  1. Click the Edit Survey tab.
  2. Click the Look and Feel icon.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. You can enter your text on this screen, or click the “edit” button to get the rich text editor for more formatting options (images, etc.).
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How do I insert a header into my survey?

Follow these steps to insert a header into a survey:
  1. Click the Edit Survey tab.
  2. Click the Look and Feel icon.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. You can enter your text on this screen, or click the “edit” button to get the rich text editor for more formatting options (images, etc.).
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How do I insert a heading or instructional text into my survey?

A Text/Graphic question is used to display text without asking for a response. To add a heading, create a new question where you would like a heading and change the question type to Text/Graphic. You can then enter whatever Text/Graphic you would like. [back to top]

How do I pull certain choices from one question to another?

To do this, select Carry Forward Choices under the purple gear button to the left of the question. It will provide you with a list of different ways to carry forward choices from a previous question (Selected, Not Selected, etc.). It can also be used in conjunction with the Display Logic options for specific answer choices to provide more power and functionality to your logic options. [back to top]

How do I rename my survey?

To rename a survey, just click on the survey name when viewing the survey in the Edit Survey page. This also allows you to select a different folder for the survey, much like you can when in the Manage Folders view on the My Surveys page. [back to top]

How do I re-number the questions in my survey?

Follow these three steps:
  1. Go to the Edit Survey tab.
  2. Click the Advanced Options drop-down menu.
  3. Select Auto-Number Questions.
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How do I save my work in Qualtrics?

Qualtrics will automatically save your work as you go. While it is not necessary, you can select “Ctrl+S” to manually save your work. [back to top]

How do I show respondents their progress in the survey?

A progress bar can be inserted to indicate survey progress. This is inserted by going to the Look and Feel, selecting General, and then specifying the format of the progress bar. [back to top]

I set up a Randomizer, but it isn’t presenting the blocks evenly. Why?

With the Randomizer, you have the option to require that elements be presented evenly or in a truly random manner. If you want them presented evenly, check this qualification on the Randomizer element in the Survey Flow. [back to top]

What is a block or question block?

A question block is created in the Edit Survey tab and is a grouping of questions. While it is quite useful for organizational purposes, its power is found in the Survey Flow. There question blocks can be put into branches and randomizers to control when or how it and its questions are presented to the respondent. The Survey Flow allows for another level of logic, allowing for the survey creator to use more complex logic in the survey. [back to top]


How can I track who took my survey?

The best way to track survey respondents is by distributing a survey to a contact list (a panel) through the Qualtrics Mailer. When you distribute a survey to a panel, Qualtrics automatically recognizes who has taken the survey and displays this information in the results via an e-mail address or a name. [back to top]

How can I resend my survey to someone?

To resend a survey to an individual, there are two options:
  1. If someone has already filled out the survey and would like to add or manipulate answers, you can use the Retake Survey link. This can be accessed by going to the View Results tab >> Responses >> Recorded Responses and locating the response. You can then click on Actions >> Retake Survey to get a link to send the survey taker. The previous answers will be automatically populated.
  2. If you would simply like to resend the survey, go to the Distribute Survey tab >> Email Survey. From there you’ll be able select a panel to send to or enter email address of those you want to send to.
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How do I distribute my survey?

Qualtrics gives you many options to distribute a survey. You can distribute a generic link, use the Qualtrics Mailer, or distribute using a pop-up. Each of these distribution methods has advantages and disadvantages. GENERIC LINK: This is an easy way to distribute a survey. You simply activate the survey on your distribution page by clicking on the link that says Activate your survey to collect responses. The link that appears is a generic link. You can send this out with your e-mail account, Tweet/Facebook it, post it on discussion boards, etc. Advantages: Generic links are easy to distribute. Disadvantages: This distribution method does not typically render a representative sample. You cannot track who is responding and the data you obtain is not valid enough for definitive statistical analysis. QUALTRICS MAILER: The Qualtrics Mailer allows you to send out a survey using Qualtrics’ e-mail system. Distributions through the mailer automatically become panels and have all the characteristics of panels. Advantages: This is the most sophisticated way to distribute a survey. It automatically sends a custom link to each respondent (for tracking), allows you to send reminders/thank you’s, includes embedded data about respondents for evaluation, and can be surveyed repeatedly without re-importing the group. Disadvantages: It takes time to compile a list of respondents to e-mail a survey to. If you are already going create a list, this is the best way to distribute your survey. POP-UPS: This distribution method allows you to collect feedback via website. It embeds only the pop-up code. Qualtrics generates the code you will need to put right into the site – all you do is copy and paste. Advantages: This distribution method can help your survey respondents that are on your website. These respondents are already coming to you. Disadvantages: This method only works on websites you control. If you want a representative sample of all potential customers, this is probably not the most effective approach. [back to top]

What is a panel?

A panel is a list of information containing email addresses, contact information, or other embedded data (e.g. age, gender, job title, income, ID numbers, etc.) that can be uploaded into Qualtrics and used in survey distribution and data analysis. Researchers often purchase the right to survey a panel from a panel service provider or build their own panels for repeated surveys. [back to top]

How do I distribute to a panel?

In order to distribute to a panel, you need to create it first. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can either upload the panel or send out a survey using the Qualtrics Mailer. Every survey respondent group you distribute a survey to using the mailer is turned into a panel automatically. Once the panel is uploaded, you can distribute to it by following these steps:
  1. Click the Distribute Survey tab.
  2. In the “To:” field choose your library and the panel you would like to distribute to.
  3. Schedule the mailing when you have chosen your message, etc.
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How do I set up my survey to be used with a panel company?

If you purchase a panel through Qualtrics, our panel services team will take care of this for you. If you have chosen a different provider, the following steps will help you do it.
  1. Set up Branches for Terminates, Over Quotas, and Completes.
  2. Set the correct logic on each branch.
  3. Insert an End of Survey element and customize the End of Survey elements with the correct redirect links provided by the panel company.
  4. Insert field names being passed from the URL into an Embedded Data element in the Survey Flow so values are easily accessible in results for testing, etc. (ex: r, s, ftouch, id, pl, gid, etc.).
Click here for more detailed instructions on each of these steps. [back to top]

How do I upload a panel?

You can upload a panel from a mailing list or from a survey. These instructions will explain how to upload from a mailing list:
  1. Click on the Panels tab.
  2. Click the Create New Panel button on the right side of the page.
  3. Give your panel a name, and click Create.
  4. Click the Import From a File button.
  5. Select a .CSV (Excel) file from your computer.
  6. When you have everything selected and lined up correctly, click the Import button at the bottom of the Import Panel Members window.
  7. Select the Close button at the bottom right of the screen. You will then see your uploaded panel.
Click here for more information about importing panels, troubleshooting, and uploading from a survey. [back to top]

I am getting responses that people are not able to access the survey. Why would this happen?

This depends on how you distributed the survey. If the survey was distributed through the Qualtrics Mailer, a respondent will only be able to take the survey once. So, if the link is forwarded on to someone else, that individual will not be able to take the survey. Also, if an expiration date has been set up in Survey Options, the survey will not be accessible after that date. If the survey was distributed using the generic link, using the By Invitation Only setting in Survey Options will disable all responses not coming from the survey mailer. [back to top]

I sent out my survey, but I realized that I need to make some changes to it. Will that influence my results?

Changes made to a survey will only affect individuals who start the survey after the changes are made. That being said, deleting questions or answer choices after distributing a survey will cause you to lose data. Adding questions or answer choices should not cause problems. Be very careful while editing existing questions. Changing the meaning of a question can influence and invalidate results. We recommend only editing existing questions to correct typos. [back to top]

My reminders might be sending out to people who have already taken my survey. Why?

Reminder emails are designed to go out only to individuals who have not yet finished the survey. If survey takers report receiving a reminder even though they finished the survey, there are several possible things that could have happened:
  • The individual did not actually click on the last “next” or “submit” button to submit his/her response.
  • The reminder email was scheduled to be sent out just before the individual actually finished taking the survey.
  • The individual has been duplicated in the panel (email address is listed in two locations in the panel).
  • There were two distributions sent out to the same panel.
  • Multiple panels contain some of the same email addresses, and the survey was sent out to these panels.
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Why does the “from” address say noreply@qemailserver.com when I send out a survey invitation email?

Qualtrics email by default is sent from servers with a “qemailserver” domain. To minimize the risk of being marked as SPAM, emails should be sent from an address that matches the domain of the server hosting the email. To learn more about this and alternative options for using different From addresses, see Using a Custom From Address. [back to top]


How can I delete responses? (test data or other responses)

To delete your survey data, go to View Results tab >> Responses. You can then select any or all of your responses and delete them. Please be careful when deleting responses as their deletion is permanent. [back to top]

How can I import responses I collected in multiple surveys into a master survey?

There are six key steps to do this:
  1. Collect your Data
  2. Create New Survey (optional)
  3. Download Template (example file)
  4. Prepare Data For Combination Into Template
  5. Combine Data Into Template
  6. Upload Combined Data
Click here for step-by step instructions on how to implement these steps. [back to top]

When I look at reports, I don’t see all of the questions, or they aren’t in the order of the survey. Why?

The Initial Report is created early on in the survey creation process, so questions added and order changes are not reflected in the Initial Report as you might expect. The easiest way to remedy this situation is to create a New Report, as it will be generated with all questions in the order they are currently set up in your survey. You also have the option to click/drag a question in the left-hand column to move it where you need it. Make sure that all questions you want to see are selected (checkbox) in the left-hand column. Remember that Text/Graphic questions are not displayed in Qualtrics reports. [back to top]

When I look at reports, I don’t see all of the responses. Why?

A “subgroup” or “filter” may have accidentally been placed on the report. Look for a red bar above the questions on the report indicating a subgroup. If you eliminate this bar, you should see all your responses. You can also try creating a new report. [back to top]


How do I cite or reference Qualtrics in my research?

Because Qualtrics is such a vital part of research, a common need is to cite Qualtrics within a research project or paper. Please use the following citation and reference guidelines as you acknowledge Qualtrics in your reports. NAME OF COMPANY—Qualtrics DEVELOPMENT COMPANY—Qualtrics YEAR OF DEVELOPMENT—2005 year of first release, but current version is 2009. Please check the tool for the current copyright year. The current copyright year should match the year of development. LOCATION—Provo, Utah, USA. VERSION—12,018 and counting. The version changes with each update, and can be found at bottom of page after the copyright notice when logged into the tool. [back to top]

I need to get approval from the IRB to use Qualtrics. Where can I get information on your system?

E-mail Qualtrics Support at support@qualtrics.com to receive our security documentation. [back to top]

What does “editing could invalidate the results” mean?

You may have seen an error message when on the Edit Survey page that reads, “editing could invalidate the results.” While these responses could still be from testing out the survey, this means your survey has response data from one of the distribution methods under Distribute Survey. Qualtrics allows you to edit surveys on the fly, so we are trying to warn users to be careful about editing your survey when it has actual response data. This mainly pertains to changing question types, removing questions, or removing answer choices. Doing any of these actions will remove the data associated with the question, or alter how the data is displayed in the case of changing the question type. Basic edits to text are fine, such as editing a typo. One thing to note is if editing how a question or answer choice is written, you are changing how that question is presented to the respondents who will come in after the change, compared to how it was presented to respondents who answered before the change. This could potentially affect how a respondent would have answered or which choice they might have selected. [back to top]

Which web browser should I use?

Basic technological requirements to use Qualtrics are minimal: Internet access, basic computer skills and a modern web-browser with JavaScript enabled. We recommend you use the latest version of your browser of choice. The web browsers officially supported by Qualtrics are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer. Each is a free download and free to install and use. Older versions of these browsers may still work, but are not recommended, as they are not as well suited for the latest web technologies. Be sure to compare the browser’s current version to the version you have installed on your machine (Help menu -> About). If you do not have the latest version, please click on one of the links above to download and install the latest version. The oldest supported versions of the above web browsers are IE8+, Firefox 4+, Safari 3+, and Chrome 2+. To navigate through Qualtrics, we recommend using the tabs and other buttons within the tool, rather than the Back and Forward buttons in the browser. [back to top]

What should I do if I forgot my password?

To reset your password, do the following:
  1. Go to the log-in page for your organization
  2. Click on the link that says “Forgot your password?”
  3. Type in your user name
  4. Click “Submit”
A new temporary password will be sent to the email address you designated when your account was set up. If you do not receive the temporary password, or if you still experience difficulty, you will want to contact one of the Brand Administrators for your organization. [back to top]