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Customer Experience Webinar

From Data to Action: Next-Generation AI Powered Experience Management

31 July from 11.00 - 11.30.00 AM / Berlin Time

In this session, we will explore how artificial intelligence is transforming the landscape of experience management both in the short and medium term. Explore the innovative possibilities that AI offers today. Learn how to design your customer experience program to fully leverage its potential.

We will cover:

  • Enhanced Data Quality and Personalised Experiences: Discover how AI can significantly improve the accuracy and depth of your data, enabling more personalised customer interactions.
  • Increased Efficiency and Faster Insights: Learn strategies to enhance process efficiency and reduce the time needed to gain valuable insights.
  • Democratisation of Insights: See how AI facilitates the accessibility of insights across your organisation.

  • Preparing for the EU AI Act: Gain an understanding of the EU AI Act's implications for experience management.

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Picture of Svenja Niemeyer

Svenja Niemeyer

Customer Experience Strategist at Qualtrics

As a CX Solution Strategist, Svenja Niemeyer accompanies clients in developing holistic CX programs along the entire customer journey. With her expertise, she helps companies to design tailor-made solutions and take their CX programs to the next level. Prior to her role at Qualtrics, Svenja Niemeyer worked as a Manager of Customer Experience Strategy at HUGO BOSS. There, she was responsible for the introduction and management of the global CX program, developing strategies and measures to optimize the customer interaction. Previously, she was responsible for the integration of global customer & market insights into strategic decision-making processes of the company.

Picture of Stefanie Ellinger

Stefanie Ellinger

Senior Solution Engineer at Qualtrics

Stefanie specializes in customer experience and serves as a link between business and technology. In her role, she facilitates solution consulting, shapes process design and responds to technical enquiries. With a particular focus on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Stefanie introduces innovative approaches to improve operational efficiency and take Qualtrics clients' CX programs to the next level.

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