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Customer Experience for B2B

How Grundfos started and embedded their Customer Experience Program into the company strategy

Our guest speaker for this webinar is from our office in Denmark: Abdul Dezkam, CX Solution Strategy Manager at Qualtrics. Abdul spent many years at Grundfos, where he was leading the international CX program. Grundfos is a B2B manufacturing company, with an annual production of around 16 Mio pump units and around + 19.000 employees.

Our Agenda

Abdul will show how he did it at Grundfos: From the idea, to procurement, hands-on tech, strategy, communication, change management, program design and methodology, KPI and incentives structures etc.

  • How he connected the CX to the overall company strategy
  • What were the compelling events for building CX programs
  • How he applied a Customer Centric culture
  • Shaping the program design
  • Communication tactics and change/stakeholder management
  • Embedding CX within Sales teams

After Abdul Dezkams presentation he will dive into a Q&A session.

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Picture of Abdul Dezkam

Abdul Dezkam

CX Solution Strategist

Abdul joined Qualtrics in 2021 as a CX Solution Strategist, specialized within B2B, dedicated in the Nordic region while he is based in Denmark. Before joining Qualtrics, Abdul was leading CX and later EX within an industry-leading global company with 19.000 employees, namely Grundfos. Here, Abdul has been a Qualtrics customer for more than 5 years, where he set up and led an award winning CX program across 65 countries involving thousands of people with the purpose of transforming a highly product-oriented engineering company to become a truly customer-centric organisation.

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