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Customer Analytics Software

Tune in to every word, on every channel

Our omnichannel analytics engine scours every call, mention, post, chat, text, and email to understand the root cause of customer friction (or delight) and deliver real-time insights to every team across your organisation.


Listen to your customers, wherever they are

If customers are getting in touch, we capture it all. Calls, chats, posts, mentions, and everything in between — it all comes into one platform where it’s analysed by our industry-leading customer analytics tools to surface critical business insights.

  • Ingest and analyse native app reviews to uncover what’s driving low score reviews
  • Listen to customer service calls and review chats to identify friction points across customer touch points
  • Uncover trending topics in service channels to identify what your customers are looking for


Human-level understanding meets machine-level scalability

Optimise customer interactions with our advanced speech and text analytics engine, designed to provide deep insights into customer behavior and tailor solutions to meet your customers' needs.

  • Tailored to recognise and analyse terminology from various industries, enhancing insights' relevance and accuracy
  • Supports over 20 languages, ensuring effective communication and understanding across global customer bases
  • Uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to detect and interpret sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent in every customer interaction, enabling data-driven decision-making

Value Calculator

Bad customer experiences can cost millions. See how much they’re costing you.

Use our Experience Value At Risk (xVAR) calculator to estimate the impact that broken or unsatisfactory experiences are having on your business-critical metrics like customer acquisition, customer spend, and cost to serve.

Experience iD

Personalise every experience

Reduce churn and boost revenue with Experience iD — an omni-channel library of every customer interaction. With a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviors, you can create personalised experiences and increase conversion rates.

  • Capture and store all customer interactions across various channels to provide detailed insights into behavior and sentiment
  • Segment customers using crucial attributes like CSAT, lifetime value, and specific behaviors such as mouse thrashing and rage clicks for targeted engagement
  • Utilise Gen-AI to analyse high-volume data and identify risks and opportunities in real-time, enabling instant interventions to optimise the digital experience

xFlow Alerts & Actions

Enable real-time action at scale

Transform how your organisation manages feedback and takes decisive actions. By pairing omnichannel analytics with Qualtrics xFlow, our automation engine, you can leverage insights from past interactions, sentiment, intent, and behaviors to precisely time your responses.

  • xFlow's no-code, drag-and-drop setup integrates effortlessly into your existing systems, streamlining the automation of responses based on customer feedback
  • Automatically handle customer support inquiries and customise rewards and offers, enabling xFlow to scale responses seamlessly and without extra effort
  • Integrates responsive customer experience management into your daily operations, optimising efficiency in existing systems and ensuring timely, appropriate actions

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about customer analytics

Customer analytics is a tool used by organisations to translate data on customers’ behavior, activity, sentiment, and more into insights the organisation can use to inform its decision-making. It’s a broad category that applies to the analysis of any type of customer data, although the best-in-class customer analytics programs are those that can combine operational data (eg purchase behavior, website activity, average spend) and combine that with experience data (eg NPS, customer satisfaction, website feedback etc.) — when analysed together as a single data set, organisations can uncover the key drivers of customer outcomes like repeat purchase, and get a better understanding of how the experience they deliver impacts the company’s bottom line.

In today’s consumer landscape, where customers interact with companies using a range of different channels, an omnichannel customer analytics tool is essential. It pulls together data points from every channel so companies get a complete picture of what’s happening with every customer, regardless of what channels they use, so they can identify points of friction along the journey and identify opportunities to improve the experience and therefore have a positive impact on the company’s growth.

Customer analytics typically involves using a mix of statistical tests such as key driver analysis, and multivariate regression to identify the relationship between two or more variables, such as website ease of use and likelihood to purchase. The best customer analytics tools automate these complex analyses and translate the results into plain English, enabling business users to act on the insights without having to have a deep understanding of statistical methods.

Learn more about customer analytics

Omnichannel customer analytics is a technique — usually provided by a software platform — that brings together customer data from a wide range of channels, and surfaces key customer insights at the customer (as opposed to the channel) level. This is in contrast to point-to-point customer analytics tools that analyse what’s happening on a single channel. In today’s consumer landscape, omnichannel analytics are essential as customers will use multiple channels in any one interaction with a company, and it’s only by looking at the complete journey that companies can see the full picture of what’s happening.

At a high level, there is traditional point-to-point customer analytics and omnichannel analytics. Both types of customer analysis can exist at a channel level (eg a website, store, or contact centre), or at an omnichannel level, where data and insights are gathered across multiple channels to give a more complete picture of a customer’s total experience with a company.

Call centre analytics is a type of customer analytics that is limited to gathering and analysing data in a call centre including operational metrics like Average Handling Time or First Call Resolution. Today, most organisations prefer the term ‘contact centre’ as it more accurately reflects the vast number of channels they use to interact with customers. In these companies, omnichannel analytics are essential as they bring together data from sources like email, SMS, chatbots, social media, and much more with more traditional call centre analytics to give companies more accurate insights into customers’ needs, enabling them to better tailor their service to them.