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Optimise your Employee Training Program

Qualtrics help you optimise your teaching and training program so you can achieve company goals and improve participant and employee experience.

Training Surveys. Simplified.

Training surveys and development evaluations help organisations measure the effectiveness of their training and development programs and determine what changes can be made to improve them. The best training programs:

  • Measure participant reactions
  • Improve training content and curriculum
  • Assess participant learning
  • Track transfer of training over time
  • Optimise the costs of training
  • Target specific instructional methods to certain groups

Why do Training surveys matter?

Training evaluations allow you to move faster than your industry and ahead of your industry, make more informed training and hiring decisions, drive and align training initiatives, integrate your company’s training programs and evaluations.

Qualtrics Employee Experience is the ultimate platform for all aspects of the participants’ training experiences, including program evaluation, instructor evaluations, content evaluation, evaluation of delivery style and approach, and evaluation of the facilities and scheduling.

Run your Employee Training Surveys with Qualtrics