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EX25 XM Solution

Launch an employee engagement program in days with our practical and actionable EX25 framework that measures the holistic employee experience.

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Qualtrics EX25

Understand the drivers of the full employee experience, empower managers to act on real-time insights, and facilitate continuous improvement across your entire organization.

The EX25 XM Solution helps you easily and quickly launch an employee engagement program with the first annual baseline study, providing a holistic framework for measuring the 5 KPIs of modern employee experience and the 25 topics which drive it.

With expert-designed survey methodology in 13 languages, as well as communication templates, pre-built dashboard reports, and action planning tools that turn insights into improvements, you can start optimizing more of the employee experience at an effective, yet realistic cadence.

Jump-start your employee engagement program with:


  • Scientifically validated EX25 methodology
  • Pre-built (customizable) annual baseline survey, available in 13 languages
  • Expanded KPIs to measure the holistic employee experience:
  • Engagement
  • Experience vs Expectations
  • Intent to Stay
  • Well-being
  • Inclusion
  • Certified questions based on 25 drivers of EX mapped to robust benchmarks database


  • Guided setup for project creation, setup, distribution, and analysis
  • Documentation and best practice guides for building and running an EX25 program:
    • Program Design Guide
    • Survey Items & Rationale
    • Dashboard Guide
    • Communications Guide
    • Guided Action Planning Tips


  • Communication templates to gain employee buy-in and meaningful responses
  • Pre-loaded (customizable) invitation and reminder messages for survey distribution, available in 13 languages


  • Pre-configured dashboard template for quick data analysis and interpretation
  • Full heatmap views of group differences across the organization
  • Built-in analyses and guidance that surfaces and prioritizes insights
  • Best practice action tips connected to each survey item to drive improvement

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Improve employee engagement, experience, intent to stay, well-being and inclusion
  2. Launch an expert-designed engagement program in a fraction of the time and cost
  3. Gain faster time to insights and action to improve the holistic employee experience

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A modern and trusted approach

Remove the guesswork and time required to develop an engagement program from the ground with our validated EX25 methodology and pre-built survey design. Quickly launch a listening program that’s comprehensive, yet agile to meet evolving employee needs, and delivers standardized datasets for ongoing analysis and benchmarking.

Real-time insights in no time

Get a live view of employee feedback as data flows in from your EX25 listening program. There’s no waiting on reports with our expert-designed and pre-built dashboard, which comes standard with advanced iQ analysis to automatically help you get to insights faster.

Continuously drive action and improvement

Managers can access their team’s results to easily identify what they can do to improve the holistic employee experience. And with focus areas, action planning tips, and status reporting built in, managers are empowered to stay on track to drive continuous improvement and business outcomes.

What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

Expert-built survey template, pre-loaded with scientifically-validated questions to help you save time and get results faster. The EX25 methodology includes topics that measure:

5 EX KPIs: Outcome measures that indicate how your organization is doing across key aspects of the employee experience.

  1. Engagement
    • Likelihood to recommend your organization
    • Willingness to go above and beyond
    • Sense of accomplishment at work
  2. Experience vs. Expectations: To what extent employee expectations are met at work
  3. Intent to Stay: How long employees intend to stay at your organization
  4. Well-Being
    • Energy
    • Positivity
    • Relationships
  5. Inclusion
    • Belonging
    • Authenticity
    • Equity

Top 25 Drivers of EX: Aspects of the employee experience that influence the 5 EX KPIs. Understanding each driver provides critical signals for where to start to improve the holistic employee experience.

  1. Authority & Empowerment
  2. Collaboration
  3. Communication
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Customer Focus
  6. Ethics
  7. Growth & Development
  8. Innovation
  9. Living the Values
  10. Managing Change
  11. Pay & Benefits
  12. Performance & Accountability
  13. Psychological Safety
  14. Recognition
  15. Resources
  16. Respect
  17. Role Fit
  18. Safety
  19. Strategic Alignment
  20. Survey Follow-up
  21. Training
  22. Trust in Leadership
  23. Trust in Manger
  24. Work-Life Balance
  25. Work Process

Program Communications

Proactive program communications help employees feel prepared for providing feedback and meaningful responses. The EX25 XM Solution contains the following pre-loaded and customizable communication templates, which are available in 13 languages:

  • Survey introduction
  • Employee confidentiality statement
  • Feedback invitations and reminders
  • Dashboard invitations for leaders and managers

Pre-Built Reports and Dashboards

Get instant analysis of your data. Pre-built reports with key driver analysis, focus areas, and text analytics help you spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering results.

  • Headlines Report
  • Engagement Report
  • Experience vs. Expectations Report
  • Retention Report
  • Inclusion Report
  • Well-being Report
  • Comments Analysis
  • Scorecard
  • Heatmap
  • Response Rates

Documentation and best practice guides for building and running an EX25 program:

  • Program Design Guide
  • Survey Items & Rationale
  • Dashboard Guide
  • Communications Guide
  • Guided Action Planning Tips

Solution Details

The EX25 XM Solution is available to any customer with the following SKUs:

  • Engagement
  • EX 1a, EX3, EX5

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English (US), English (UK), German, Japanese, Spanish (LATAM), Spanish (EU), French, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

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