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Customer loyalty

How to improve your Net Promoter Score

The most successful companies don't just understand what their customers want and need — they know how they stack up against the competition, too.

To understand how to improve customer loyalty, NPS® is a good place to start. Let’s take a look at how your score is performing:

  • Compare your Net Promoter Score against industry competitors with our benchmarking calculator.
  • Find out what steps you can take today to improve your score and grow long term customer loyalty.
Compare your NPS

NPS Benchmarking calculator

Compare your Net Promoter Score against your industry

Assess your NPS score against your competitors and identify areas of improvement with our free NPS benchmarking report from the Qualtrics XM Institute featuring NPS data from over 300 companies across 20 industries.

Don't know your score? Find out here.

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There’s work to do! Your NPS is below the industry average.

Your NPS is in line with the industry average. What you do next is critical if you’re to set yourself apart from your competitors.

You’re set apart from your competitors! Your NPS is above the industry average. But don’t stop there, take the opportunity to put some daylight between you and the competition.

Your score is

your industry benchmark



Want to see how your industry benchmark is calculated? Download the full NPS industry benchmarking report

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Step-by-step guide to improving loyalty


Get organizational buy-in

Ensure executives understand the value of customer experience and employees understand their roles in improving it


Establish your baseline

Understand your performance and the experience currently delivered


Identify customer pain points, then resolve them

Identify root cause of pain (overall and by segment / cohort, business line, location, channel etc.) and then take steps to win unhappy customers back


Monitor progress and benchmark performance

Understand how you are performing vs the competition and how your actions are being received by customers


Embed NPS into a wider relational program

Continuously listen and adapt to changing needs of customers

Relational CX Program

How to drive loyalty by improving customer relationships

Now you know your NPS score, see how you can use it as part of a relational CX program. You’ll learn how to identify the key areas of focus across the customer journey, so you can take meaningful actions that improve your customer relationship with customers. Find out the best practices for making your program a success.

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