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Employee engagement is a proven driver of revenue, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. With only 30% of employees engaged in their work, it’s more important than ever to measure and improve engagement.

That’s where we come in. With Qualtrics Employee Engagement software, we make it easy for you to figure out which levers to pull to increase engagement—and we do it in real-time.

“The fast turnaround of data has been our primary concern. With Qualtrics Employee Engagement, now we can deliver employee engagement results in real-time while they are still relevant and top of mind.”

Employee engagement reporting score

Real-time Results No, seriously, real-time. That’s fast.

You won’t have to wait weeks—or even months—to get the results for your employee engagement surveys. As results come in, all the analytics are automatically processed in real-time and individualized reports are immediately ready to print—or for digital review. It’s this fast whether you’re running thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of responses through our platform.

Individualized, Custom Dashboards Filter data, however you want, with a single click.

We’ve all been there. Your employee engagement survey went out, responses were collected, and a lot of effort went into preparing the perfect reports. But now some managers want the data cut differently. With Qualtrics Employee Engagement survey software that’s easy.

Each manager has their own dashboard tailored to their part of the organization. With Qualtrics interactive dashboards, they can each slice and dice the data however they want—with a simple click. It’s as easy as pie.

Most Impactful Drivers

Engagement Drivers

Driver %
My work gives me a sense of purpose. 91 +18
I find my day-to-day work enjoyable. 87 +15
I am empowered to get things done. 85 +13

Disengagement Drivers

Driver %
I believe in the values of this organization. 38 -21
I have the resources to do my job. 45 -17
My work is recognized and valued. 49 -15
Employee engagement dashboard dropdown menu

Favorable – 54.6%
Neutral – 23.3%
Unfavorable – 22.1%

Sophisticated Hierarchical Reporting Roll up. Drill down. See your org in a whole new way.

If it’s true (and, trust us, it is) that high employee engagement leads to greater productivity, revenue, and quality, you want to know who is engaged and, more importantly, who isn't. Hierarchical reporting lets managers drill down into the data, for example comparing divisions, regions, and teams. They can quickly see pockets of high or low engagement and discover what’s driving them. This tells managers exactly which levers they need to pull to create a stronger, more engaged workforce.

Employee engagement hierarchy report graph

Mind-blowing Flexibility Sophisticated employee surveys have never been easier.

Different organizations want to ask their employees different things in different ways. That’s why we’ve created a solution that lets you choose from over 100 different question types and translate into 50+ languages. You can require responses, randomize questions, introduce sophisticated display logic, establish anonymity thresholds, or all of the above and so much more.

Employee questionnaire flexibility

Super Easy Form Creation Point, click, and voila—you’re there.

We’ve made our form creator so simple and intuitive that even a tech newbie can figure it out. With our point-and-click interface, it’s easy to set up form flow, import employee data, and set up questions and categories.

Award-Winning Training and Support We're here to help—every step of the way.

When you join the Qualtrics family, we treat you like one of our own. We’ll set up a one-on-one training to map your needs and introduce you to the Qualtrics Employee Engagement solution. We’ll help you build your engagement survey and dashboards, and continue to assist you with live support and a slew of online resources throughout your project. Your success is our priority.

Qualtrics training and support staff

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