Reap the Benefits of Your Very Own Research Panel

Ever wanted to recruit and manage your own panel of survey respondents? Qualtrics has the solution. Qualtrics Panel Management makes it easy to recruit, engage, and reward your own in-house panel of survey respondents.

A well- managed research panel gives you quick insights and answers to key questions—at a fraction
of the cost of other research methods. Additionally, you can build rich, deep profiles for each panel member, providing more targeted and personalized research, every time you use your panel.

Do More Research

It’s so easy and convenient to field surveys to your own panel, that you’ll start doing more research.

Faster Insights

You’ll have responses back in less time than virtually any other method of research.

Higher Response Rates

Get higher response rates and better feedback on your studies.

Richer Profiles

Build rich, deep profiles about each panel member over time and use the data to enhance future studies.

Save Money

Owning and managing your own panel costs substantially less than purchasing a sample from another source.

Not sure how to get started? Download our Panel Management Guide to learn tips and best practices from the experts.

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Easily recruit people to join your panel. Web intercepts, email invitations, and social media posts are just a few of the recruitment tools built right into the system.

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Once recruited, it's easy to communicate with panel members, invite them to participate in surveys, and track their participation over time. Easy, built-in tools help you control contact frequency, manage opt outs, and build rich profiles about each panel member.

Qualtrics also makes it easy to design sophisticated surveys in minutes. Custom branded surveys with complex logic, advanced quotas, and dozens of question types make it easy to launch a project quickly. Your panelists can take surveys wherever they are with our responsive survey themes, while answering questions that are specific to them.

See how Yankee Candle took their relationships with their customers to the next level with Qualtrics.


Create and track incentive programs to increase response rates and promote panel member engagement. Built-in functionality makes it easy to track and manage various types of reward programs including points and sweepstakes. Best of all, the system can even reward panel members automatically when they qualify using electronic reward codes.

Panel Management Case Study
“Today’s consumers are not as brand loyal as they used to be, so our products have to be right. The customer is boss and we listen. Even a slight ranking change can make a difference of millions of dollars. With the ability to adjust quickly based on consumer feedback, we can see a direct and positive impact on our profitability.”
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