Creating Surveys

Adding Questions

Question Types

  • Create over 100 different question types.
  • Use interactive questions to increase response rates.
  • Engage survey takers with rich media.

How you ask a question is just as important as what you ask. Our research suite offers the flexibility that comes from offering the most question types in the industry to engage respondents, increase response rates and accurately collect data.

Experiment with multiple choice, matrix table, slider, heat map, rank order, text entry, drill down, grouping, meta and many more!

Question Formatting

creating surveys question formatting
  • Change layout, position, & answer choices in seconds.
  • Select from a variety of Likert scales (i.e. Very Likely to Very Unlikely).
  • Force or request responses with validation.

Want to see something cool?

Start entering a scale (e.g. “how likely…”) into a question and let us fill in the rest. The system automatically recognizes the scale you’re entering and completes it for you. Customize by adding or removing choices, or change the scale completely by choosing a different type. At Qualtrics, we’re big fans of automagic.

Rich Text Editing

  • Adjust fonts, sizes & colors with ease.
  • Bold, italicize, underline & justify text in a word processor.
  • Insert special characters, tables & links.

You can use HTML to edit your text, but we’ll make it easy on you. Use our Rich Text Editor to change the color, alignment and formatting of your question just like you would in Word. This can be used for question text and answer choices.

Qualtrics Libraries

creating survey libraries
  • Pull questions from professionally designed surveys.
  • Build surveys quickly without re-inventing the wheel.
  • Create your own library of questions, surveys, messages, & media.

Writing survey questions can be a challenge. That’s why we included a library with hundreds of surveys and thousands of questions for all industries and topics. Import entire surveys or single questions. Whether you want to study user affinity or determine customer satisfaction, our libraries will quickly get you on your way.

Question Options

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

  • Insert images in just 3 clicks.
  • Make your surveys more visually appealing.
  • Choose images from your computer, or the web.

Is your survey missing something? Try adding images to better illustrate your point. Upload an images from your local machine, or pull one from the web. You can even click and drag graphics from other windows right into the Rich Text Editor.

Easy Video & Audio Embeds

  • Embed video or audio clips in seconds.
  • Host media on Qualtrics’ servers.
  • Customize display settings for embedded media.

You were the AV nerd in high school, admit it.

Randomize the Universe

  • Well maybe not the universe, but everything else in a survey.
  • Randomize the order of choices, questions, or blocks.
  • Present or hide random samples of choices.

Increase the validity and accuracy of your research with randomization. Qualtrics allows you to randomize answer choices, questions and even blocks of questions with incredible ease.

Customized Text for Each Respondent

  • Personalize surveys with respondent’s name & information.
  • Pull text from previous questions or answer choices.
  • Insert values from a panel or scoring category.

Qualtrics surveys are intelligent – in fact they can refer to respondents by name, reference the exact product they’ve purchased, and even ask if past information is still accurate. With smart text, you can easily customize survey flow, question text and choices.

Give Respondents Files to Download

  • Let respondents download or print files from within a survey.
  • Present different forms based on survey responses.
  • Supports virtually every file type, including rich media.

Example: A real estate company uses Qualtrics to ensure that its realtors are up-to-date on their certifications. Based on responses collected from each realtor, Qualtrics can present any necessary certification forms for immediate download. It’s document management made easy!

Carry Forward Choices

  • Carry choices from previous questions into subsequent questions.
  • Display choices that were – or were not – selected.
  • Follow up on previous questions.

Qualtrics surveys customize themselves to respondents based on the answers they select. Customization increases response rates because it eliminates answer choices that don’t pertain to respondents. Who doesn’t enjoy saving time?

Complex Customization with Code

  • Add custom JavaScript to questions.
  • View question source to edit HTML coding.
  • Customize survey form templates with a simple CSS editor.

Javascript can do some fun stuff…like read your mind right now. Click here and we’ll prove it.

Survey Flow

Skip Logic

  • Skip respondents past unnecessary questions.
  • Create multiple layers of logic conditions.
  • End survey if respondents don’t qualify for a study.

Have you ever wished that surveys were smart enough to anticipate the needs of the respondent? Skip logic eliminates questions that don’t pertain to a respondent based on his or her answers. This streamlines survey taking and reduces drop-out rates.

Display Logic

  • Use logic to show & hide questions.
  • Add multiple conditions for advanced situations.
  • Show questions based on responses, quotas, embedded data.

Need to get more complex than just “and if” logic? We’ve got Super Logic to handle it. Whether you need to conditionally display entire questions or individual statements in a matrix table, display logic can get the job done. Need to display a question only to a certain type of customer? No problem. From the simple to the intricate, we’ve got you covered.

Branch Logic

  • Use logic everywhere to control survey flow.
  • Dynamically skip or display entire sections of questions.
  • Create multiple termination points within a survey.

If optimal conditions are achieved, a tree will grow branches.

Question Blocks

  • Organize questions into groups called ‘blocks.’
  • Use logic to control what blocks are shown.
  • Branch & randomize question blocks.

Sometimes the most valuable information is found in how respondents answer groups of questions. Our research suite organizes survey questions into blocks. With blocks you can randomize and branch sets of questions, enabling you to design more effective surveys.

Loop and Merge

  • Dynamically repeat a block of questions for individual items.
  • Change question text each time a block repeats.
  • Base loops upon previous responses or pre-defined criteria.

Creating the same set of questions for comparison can be pretty tedious. Using looping with smart text, you can build a survey which cycles through a block of questions for a predefined list or selections from a previous question. This way, your advanced survey is faster to build and more convenient to take.

End of Survey Experience

  • Customize the end of survey experience with logic.
  • Display personalized messages or response reports.
  • Redirect respondents to another website upon survey completion.

Why funnel everyone to the same ending? With our research suite you can create different endings for different respondents. Customize your endings to the respondent and their answers. This can create a more enjoyable experience for your respondents as well as keep you from paying for responses you don’t want.

Survey Options

Customize Everything

  • Utilize hundreds of customizable survey-level options.
  • Allow respondents to save & continue.
  • Disassociate personal information from responses.

We think we did a pretty good job creating the survey’s default settings–but we build every feature with flexibility in mind. Our goal is to give you complete control over what a respondent experiences in a survey. The Look and Feel editor is a great example of this desire.

Embed Data

  • Store information about respondents (name, etc.).
  • Pipe information into survey to personalize experience.
  • Save outside information in results for data analysis.

Our research suite enables you to use non-survey data within questions to personalize the flow of a survey. You can also embed data about past purchases to probe for satisfaction and future plans. Or, embed data into the survey that is invisible to the respondent to improve the flow or provide additional data points for reporting and analysis.

Custom Branding & Style

  • Brand surveys with your logos & colors.
  • Customize fonts, sizes & colors.
  • Insert custom header/footer & stylized progress bar.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Our research suite offers customizable survey form templates that can be matched to the look and feel of for your corporate brand. We also provide several professional templates for conducting blind surveys.

Web Services

  • Pipe information from RSS feed into a survey.
  • Save information from a website into results.
  • Dynamically change a survey’s questions or answer choices.

What can’t Qualtrics do? Well, we still haven’t been able to develop the “pick up the dry cleaning” feature yet. But we’re working on it.

Survey Authentication

  • Require unique login credentials for each respondent.
  • Verify respondent’s information before giving access to sections.
  • Link known information about respondents to the survey.

Once you upload respondent information into a panel, you need to be able to access that information in the results of any survey they take. Once a respondent authenticates, all of the panel information is brought in as a part of their survey response.

Email Alerts

  • Send email alerts to anyone, including respondents.
  • Receive automatic notification about quotas or responses.
  • Set alerts & triggers with advanced criteria.

You want to be aware when vital information comes in. Too often, crucial information goes unnoticed among incoming responses. Our research suite can trigger alerts when surveys are completed or questions are answered in certain ways. In this way you’ll never miss key information and you’ll be able to react quickly.

Panel Triggers

  • Create dynamic panels on the fly.
  • Save survey respondents into different panels.
  • Use advanced logic to pre-determine appropriate panel.

Whether you are building your own respondent database or using a survey as a lead capture form, this feature makes it easier to build your own “contact list” in Qualtrics.


  • Define the total number of required responses for a question or survey.
  • Create quota logics to skip, branch or deactivate surveys.
  • Automate email notifications when quotas are met.

Finding representative samples can be one of the most time consuming parts of research. And when working with incentivized panels, any mistakes can be costly. With our research suite, you can set up quotas that automatically terminate extra respondents, turn off blocks or close the survey.

Scoring & Grading

  • Turn surveys into tests in just a few clicks.
  • Combine results of several questions together into a single score.
  • Score anything from satisfaction to personality assessments.

Often it’s helpful to aggregate responses into a single, overall score. Other times, you may want to create a quiz to test for comprehension. Our scoring interface allows you to quickly and easily assign point values to responses in a survey, and then add those point values together for each respondent.

Translation Tools

  • Translate questions, messages & emails into 48 languages.
  • Start translation with integrated Google TranslateTM.
  • Export & share a survey for easy 3rd party translation.

The world is a global marketplace. Our research suite makes it easy to send surveys in several different languages, collect responses and aggregate them into one main survey. We make multi-language surveys convenient with side-by-side translation, browser-language detection and over 40 languages from which to choose.

Conjoint Analysis

  • Build self-explicated conjoint analyses in seconds.
  • Identify most valuable attributes of a given product/service.
  • Export data to Excel & SPSS for advanced statistical analysis.

With conjoint analysis, you can test attributes of a product, person, or process and discover preferences. Our clients have used this feature to measure preferences in employee compensation, prioritize product attribute enhancement, generate pricing models and more.