Distributing Surveys

Qualtrics Mailer

What is the Qualtrics Mailer? The Qualtrics Mailer is a unique feature that helps you distribute your surveys to any number of recipients, quickly and efficiently.

Customize Distribution Settings

  • Pre-set distribution date & time.
  • Specify “From” & “Reply” addresses.
  • Personalize messages & save them into library.
Qualtrics lets you schedule survey distribution in advance. So whether you’re on a tropical beach or putting out fires in the office, you can rest easy knowing that Qualtrics is on the clock.

Schedule Reminder Messages

  • Target reminders at those who haven’t completed the survey.
  • Schedule reminders weeks in advance.
  • Increase response rates by up to 50%.
Reminders sent through Qualtrics only go to those who have not completed your survey. In seconds you can reach them with a personal message. Don’t worry. Those who have already responded will never know.

Send Thank You Messages

  • Send automatic message upon survey completion.
  • Create messages in advance & save them in the library.
  • Send results to respondents who complete the survey.
Make sure respondents know they are appreciated. Send a personalized thank you to every person that has completed your survey. These can help you build relationships with your panelists and encourage future responses.

Give each recipient a unique ID

  • Connect results to previously-known information.
  • Allow respondents to save answers & continue later.
  • Prevent respondents from taking survey multiple times.
Unique IDs give you extra control. With them, you can send reminders or thank you messages, track survey completion status, personalize survey text, and much more.

Embed Data

  • Use outside data to determine survey flow.
  • Embed criteria that determines who is surveyed, and when.
  • Enhance your analysis with previously known information.
Create a database of information about your respondents and use it to analyze responses. You can even embed their answers to previous surveys. You will never have to ask the same question twice.

Panel Distribution

  • Send a survey to thousands with just a few clicks.
  • Build or upload a list of respondents from an address book.
  • Target distribution to a specific group within a panel.
Want feedback more than once? Build a list of respondents and continually survey them with ease. You can embed data about respondents and compare answers over time. This enhances surveys in customer satisfaction, market research, employee satisfaction and other feedback.

Track Responses

  • See completion status of every participant.
  • View partially completed responses in real-time.
  • View an individual’s response history & past invitations.
Know exactly where each respondent is in a survey. Qualtrics also allows you to view each respondent and see what surveys they have 1) been invited to take, 2) already begun, 3) completed, or 4) not yet started.

Send From Your Own Server

  • Send invites that come from your own domain.
  • Use every feature of the Qualtrics Mailer on your own servers.
  • Increase response rates by distributing surveys from a trusted source.
For many companies, branding includes controlling the server that sends emails. These users can build distributions in Qualtrics Mailer and send them from in-house servers. Like everything else in Qualtrics, this takes seconds to set up.

More Options

In-page pop-ups

  • Embed a website pop-up that links to your survey.
  • Add pop-ups with simple, auto-generated HTML code.
  • Customize pop-up size & display settings.
Qualtrics generates the code you need to place a pop-up survey on your website – just copy and paste. Your pop-up appears according to the criteria you choose.

Embedded Surveys In Existing Websites

  • Build a survey directly into a webpage.
  • Customize survey appearance in point-and-click interface.
Looking to capture leads on your website? Want to build a survey right into a webpage? Qualtrics will generate the code for you. Just copy and paste.

Survey Director

  • Create a dynamic link that sends people to different surveys.
  • Use advanced logic to determine which surveys people see.
  • Edit link criteria at any time, without updating the link itself.
Take complete control of survey links with Survey Director. The same link can direct respondents to different pages based upon dynamic criteria that you select. You can even make changes after the link is distributed.

Hard Copy Printouts

  • Print a copy of a survey to hand out or review.
  • Export a survey to Word & easily format handouts.
  • Save a copy in PDF format.
If you ever have to deal with (gasp!) paper surveys, at least you’ll be able to design them online. Qualtrics has quick export options for those that require surveys in a hard copy format.