Add Page Break

Adding a Page Break

Your survey questions will by default be displayed together on one page. Use the Page Break element to break up your survey into multiple pages, making it easier for the respondent to take a survey with many questions.

To add a Page Break between questions:

  1. Click on the question after which you would like to add a page break.
  2. In the question menu bar to the right, click the Add Page Break option. A page break will be added in between questions in your survey. The questions before the page break will be on one page and the questions after the page break will be on the next page of the survey.
  3. Continue to add page breaks where you would like a new page created.

If you want to put an equal amount of questions on each page of the survey but do not want to put page breaks in manually, you can go to and under the General Tab, specify how many questions you would like per page.

More Information on Page Breaks

  • If you hover over the page break element, you will see the red minus button to click if you want to delete the page break, and the green plus button if you want to add a question above or below the page break.
  • A page break is required for certain features to work in your survey. One of these is the Piped Text function. If the piped text refers to an answer in a previous question, then a page break will need to be placed between the question from which you are piping and the question to which the text is piped.
  • Page breaks automatically occur between blocks and when Skip Logic or Display Logic are used.
  • If you are using a Timing item in your survey, make sure it is not on a page by itself – these time how long participants spend on other questions on the page. Specifying to have one question per page in Look and Feel is not appropriate when you are using timing items. For more information, view Timing in the question type guide.