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About Advanced Options About Blocks About Cross Tabulations About Look & Feel About Question Editing About Question Options About Question Options-Advanced About Responses About Reporting Beta About Survey Flow About Survey Options About Viewing Reports Accessibility Accessible and Non-Accessible      Question Types Activate a Survey Add a Block Add a Note Add Character Before Text Box* Add Default Choices Add Javascript Add Page Break Add Subgroup to a Report Advanced Building Add a ‘Close’ Button* Add a ‘Print’ Button* Add Social Media Links* Administration Advanced Look and Feel Advanced Options (Drop down) Android Surveys Anonymize Responses Anonymous Survey Link Answer Choice Editing Tools Append Information to the URL Apply Question Types Attach a Downloadable File Authenticator Authenticator Options Auto-Advance on Choice Selection* Auto-Number Questions Avoid Spam Filters


Back Button Basic Building Basic Distribution Basic Survey Options Blackberry Surveys Block Options Block Randomization Blocks and Block Options Branch Logic Build a Panel By Invitation Only


Carry Forward Choices Change “Allow Text Entry Box”* Check or Change Quota Count Choice Randomization Chrome Web Browser Cite or Reference Qualtrics in Research Click on Image or Text to Display Extra Content* Collaborate Colors Combining data from two identical      surveys Combining Results Combining the results from two surveys      that are not identical Common Qualtrics CSS Classes* Conjoint Analysis Constant Sum, change “Total” tag* Constant Sum Question Type Constant Sum, Hide Zeros* Copy Question From Survey or Library Copy Report Copy Survey From Library Create a New Cross Tabulation Create A Survey Create From Copy Create Questions Create Survey Cross Tabs Cross Tabs Options CSS Editor CSV Data Download Custom ‘Submit’ Button* Custom End of Survey Message Custom Inactive Survey Message Custom Validation Customize the Anonymous Survey Link


Default End of Survey Message Default Inactive Survey Message Delete Cache and Cookies Delete Email Distribution Delete Responses Disabling “Allow Non-Accessible      Surveys” Option Disappearing Labels* Display a Timer* Display Logic Display Logic on Answer Choices Display Logic on Questions Display Today’s Date Distributing Divisions Download Data Download Formats Download Mailing History Download Options Download/Upload Survey Translation Drill Down in Reports Drill Down Question Type


Edit Email Distribution Edit Questions Edit/Update Your Panel Email Customized Links Email History Email Survey Email Survey Through Email Survey Email Triggers Embedded Data Embedded Data in Reports Embedded Data with Survey Link Embedded Data with Panels Enable Javascript End of Survey Element Example Citation for Data Gathered Using Qualtrics Export Panel Export Report Export Survey Exporting and Sharing


Facebook File Upload Question Type Filters and Subgroups Firefox Fixed Reference Box* Fonts Footer Force Response Format Answer Choices Format Questions


Gap Analysis General Citation Guidelines General In-Text Citation General Look and Feel Graphics Library Group Library Groups (Administration) Group Types (Administration)


Header Heat Map Question Type Hide Next Button and Autoprogress Hot Spot Question Type Hover-over Text Box* HTML Data Download HTTP Referer Verification


IE 6 Information Import Panel Members From a File Import Panel Members From a Survey Import Responses Import Survey Importing and Exporting Surveys Increase Image Size on Click* Increase Spacing Between Questions* Insert an RSS Feed Insert CSS Insert CSS for one Page Insert HTML Into a Question Insert HTML Into the Header In-Page Pop-up Inactive Surveys Insert a Graph Insert a Link Insert a Table Insert an Image Insert Media Internet Explorer 6 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8 iPhone Surveys


Keystrokes to Select Choice*


LinkedIn Look and Feel Loop and Merge


Mailer Advanced Options Mailing Status Bar Mail Merge Manually Add Members to Your Panel Math Operations Math Operations With Piped Text Matrix Table Merge Answer Choices in Cross      Tabulation Message Library Meta Info Question Mobile Device Look and Feel More Distribution Methods Move Progress Bar to Top of Survey* Move Questions Multilevel Drill Down in Cross Tabulation Multiple Choice Question Type My Surveys


Navigating Reports


Open Access Opt-out LInk Other Report Options


Panel Actions Panel Company Integration Panel Members Panel Samples Panel Triggers Panels Partial Completion Pass Embedded Data From Salesforce      to Qualtrics Password Protection Pick, Group, and Rank Question Type Piped Text Place Survey on External Web Server Polls Prevent Ballot-Box Stuffing Prevent Indexing Print Survey Progress Bar Public Report


Qualtrics Library Question API* Question Options Question Options – Advanced Question Randomization Question Text Editing Tools Question Types Guide Quick Survey Builder Quotas


Random Number Generator Rank Order Question Type Recode Values Record the Output of Math Operations Recorded Responses Redirect to a Single Response Report Reminder Messages Remove Cross Tab Stub or Banner Remove Questions Removing Authenticator Rename a Block Report Options Reporting Reporting Beta Reporting Beta. Navigating Your Report Reporting Beta. Arranging Your Report Reporting Beta. Creating Reports Reporting Beta. Create New Report Reporting Beta. Creating Folders Reporting Beta. Tables Reporting Beta. Add a Table Reporting Beta. Table Data Source Reporting Beta. Change the Table Type Reporting Beta. Table Options Reporting Beta. Table Layout Reporting Beta. Graphs Reporting Beta. Add a Graph Reporting Beta. Graph Data Source Reporting Beta. Change the Graph Type Reporting Beta. Graph Options Reporting Beta. Graph Layout Reporting Beta. Shapes, Text, and      Images Reporting Beta. Shapes Reporting Beta. Text Reporting Beta. Images Reporting Beta. Data Sources and      Filters Reporting Beta. Filtering a Data Source Reporting Beta. Data Source Options Reporting Beta. Time Series Reporting Beta. Variable Weights Reporting Beta. Styling and Sharing Reporting Beta. Page Options Menu Reporting Beta. Report Styles Menu Reporting Beta. Report Options Reporting Beta. Template Manager Request Response Response Sets Resize Text Entry Boxes* Response Set By Mailing Response Set by Time Response Tables Responses Responses In Progress REST API Retake Survey Link Rich Text Editor Running in Safe Mode


Safari Web Browser Salesforce Integration Salesforce Integration Response      Mapping Salesforce Integration Trigger and Email      Survey Options Salesforce Integration Web to Lead Save and Continue Saving a Survey to the Library Saving Questions to the Library Schedule Report Email Scoring Scoring Categories Search for Responses Select Multiple Questions Send Additional Thank You Email From      a Library Send Email to Panel Send Test Email Show Block Show Question Numbers Side by Side Question Type Site Intercept Skins Skip Logic Slider Slider Question Type Graphic Slider Social Media Spell Check SPSS Data Download Statistics Table Formulas Statistics Tables Styling Reports Summary Report (Administration) Survey Director Survey Experience Survey Flow Survey Flow Functions Survey Language Survey Library Survey Protections Survey Termination Survey Title


Table Options Text Entry Question Type Text/Graphic Question Type Thank You Messages This Survey Does Not Expire This Survey Is Valid From Time Series Timing Translate Survey Twitter


Understanding Counts Upgrade Codes (Administration) Users (Administration) User Types (Administration) Using a Survey from the Library Using a Question from the Library


Validation View Individual Responses View Reports


Web Service Website Feedback Widen the Survey Skin*


XML Data Download
* – Includes Custom JavaScript, CSS or HTML