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Employee Benefits Research

Employee benefits. Designed for employees.
By employees.

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Design and deliver compelling total reward programs with a benefits optimiser tool that automatically turns employee feedback into the perfect benefits package

  • Attract the best candidates with competitive reward and compensation packages
  • Automatically see your optimum benefits package for your budget based on employee feedback
  • Real-time simulation of benefits tradeoffs show you the impact of each option

Designed for employees. By employees.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Go from set up to insights in minutes with the built in set-up wizard, Just input the rewards you want to test and everything is done for you, from the questionnaire to the reporting and analysis.

Test Every Combination

Every potential combination of benefits is automatically analysed, using trade-offs employees are willing to make to automatically surface the best package for your people.

Model the Impact Instantly

See how changes to your benefits will be received with the simulator tool that lets you drag and drop benefits into your own package to see how it compares to the existing or optimal package.

Put your employees at the heart of your rewards

Instant feedback. Instant impact.

No more waiting months for a review of your benefits package – with Benefits Optimiser you can do it all instantly. The powerful conjoint analysis capabilities analyses the data in real time so you see the results as soon as the responses come in.

Perfect packages, right on budget

Balancing budgets and employee satisfaction is never easy. With Benefits Optimiser you can see the changes that will have the biggest impact on your people, while sticking to your budgets.

Keep pace with changing demands

As new benefits options become available or employee demands change, you can adapt quickly to test new packages — no costly analysis or waiting months for a report. The Benefits Optimiser can be leveraged at any moment, not just your scheduled annual reviews.

What is Employee Benefits Research?

An employee benefits analysis is a research project organisations run to identify the current satisfaction with their benefits packages. This typically looks at your existing benefits package as part of total compensation and assesses both usage and employee reception. This is an essential part of attracting and retaining talent and a recent Glassdoor study found that 60% of people consider benefits and perks a major factor when considering a job while 80% would consider accepting lower salaries in exchange for stronger benefits. A manual analysis can take many months and most organisations only review their benefits once a year. However, new technologies allow organisations to test new packages much more frequently, significantly reducing the cost of such studies and accelerating the timeline.

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