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Lessons from an Experience Crisis: How Equifax Managed Through the 2017 Security Breach

April 23, 2020 / 09:00 am PT / 10:00 am MT / 12:00pm EST

Crisis management is an important part of any business. It’s imperative to have a contingency plan and be able to execute on it if and when necessary. But no matter how prepared a business is for a crisis, change during the crisis and post-crisis is inevitable.

Join Ben Lawder, Head of XM Strategy at Qualtrics, as he recounts his personal story of leading Equifax through the experience crisis of the 2017 security breach. Ben will share the lessons he learned as the Vice President and Global Head of Customer Experience & Insights at Equifax, his perspective on how to lead Experience Management programs through periods of dramatic change, and his thoughts on how businesses should be measuring and acting on customer and employee feedback during a crisis.

What you'll learn from the webinar

  • How to maximize the impact of your actions through valuable feedback
  • How to modify and enhance your Experience Management programs to show humanity
  • What has worked best in times of crisis (and what to watch out for)


Join us for a live, 75 minute roundtable with 15-20 other participants to discuss crisis management. There will be a live discussion portion as well as a Q/A session at the end.

5 minutes – Welcome and introductions
40 minutes – Content presentation
15 minutes – Group discussion
15 minutes – Live Q/A
5 minutes – Closing

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Picture of Ben Lawder

Ben Lawder

Head of XM Strategy

I'm based in Atlanta and focused on driving CX growth in the South region. I have over 15 years of XM and research leadership roles including leading the last 3 years as Global Head of CX and Insights at Equifax. I've been a Qualtrics client for nearly a decade am familiar with our full XM suite.

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