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Make it easy for everyone to get a vaccine

Design and improve your vaccine rollout with your community needs in mind.
Get everyone vaccinated. Build trust at every touchpoint.

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Over 350 states and communities use Qualtrics

Put residents at the center of your vaccine rollout


Register and assess population needs to prioritize based on local and federal guidelines. Automatically route to scheduling when inventory is available.


Reduce missed appointments with automated reminders and notifications. Bring your own scheduling solution or use our trusted partners.


Serve at-risk communities, individuals with limited access to technology, and multilingual populations with personalized messaging across multiple outreach methods.


Measure and monitor the end-to-end experience and identify friction points in the administration process.


Connect enrollment and administration data easily with frontline tools to track the vaccination experience, collect data on adverse reactions, and update digital proof records automatically.


Understand resident trust to create effective public awareness campaigns and increase
immunization rates.

Build trust with
your community at
every touchpoint

Gauge resident perception and sentiment by demographic groups, including marginalized communities. You’ll be able to align those insights with strategy and policy, and quickly address concerns to deliver a better experience. These insights will help your people understand residents intent to take the vaccine, and the key drivers and barriers.

Accessible for your community

Make it easier for everyone, regardless of age or technical ability, to navigate the vaccine process. Streamline every step from outreach to assessment, scheduling, record keeping and follow-up.

Take action on real-time vaccination data

Actionable dashboards provide government officials real-time experience analytics and
dashboards for monitoring, decision-making, and provider accountability.

Secure, trusted platform with proven scale
for public sector needs

  • The Qualtrics XM Platform is ISO 27001 and FedRamp compliant. It’s also HITRUST certified, which means its technology platform provides customers the tools they need to manage
    HIPAA compliance
  • Trusted choice of all cabinet-level federal agencies and 350 state and local governments for sensitive public sector needs
  • Automatically update state and federal health information systems

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