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Here is the full collection of mainstage and breakout session video recordings and presentation slides from X4 Sydney - Australia’s largest Experience Management Event.

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Mainstage Keynotes


Welcome to X4 Sydney

Bill McMurray, Managing Director for Qualtrics in APJ, kicks-off X4 Sydney by outlining the rapid growth of XM in APJ, while also shining a light on some of the Dream Team requests fulfilled at the event.

Bill McMurray|Managing Director APJ

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Opening Keynote at X4 Sydney

Qualtrics CEO and Co Founder Ryan Smith explains how XM is powering businesses across the world, and why brands that choose to compete on experience are finding themselves in a race to the top.

Ryan Smith|CEO & Co-Founder

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Reaching new heights - How Qantas is reimagining its approach to customer feedback

In this session Patricia Limanouw, Head of Group Research and Insights at Qantas, explains how the airline is reimagining how it captures and acts upon customer feedback. Patricia provides a rare insight into how Qantas is evolving how the business operates to succeed in the experience economy, sharing tips and strategies she's learnt along the way.

Patricia Limanouw|Head of Group Research & Insights

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How Sephora meets human needs to create love and loyalty

Learn how Sephora inspires purpose, inclusion, and measurable results in the lives of their employees by linking employee engagement data with company culture.

Karalyn Smith|Chief People Officer

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Customer insights-fueled decision making @ Uber

Sonny provides insights into Uber’s success story and how data-driven marketing and customer obsession-fueled decision making lie at the core of its success.

Sonny Sethi|Head of Research, Insights & Media Planning ANZ

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Your role in building world class experience

Dysfunction is the gap between what you know, and what you do. Dom Price explains how we can convert the theory of experience into action.

Dom Price|Work Futurist

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University of Hertfordshire

Professor of Dance

Dr. Peter Lovatt provides insight into his research into Parkinson's disease - tap-a-tempo - which he has partnered with Qualtrics on.

Dr. Peter Lovatt|Dance Psychologist

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CustomerXM Breakouts

Deloitte Digital

Measuring and delivering trust

This session defines the drivers of trust, and explores how organisations can apply technologies and operational structures to measure, deliver, and excel in this critical area.

Kirsty Hosea|Director - Strategy & Innovation

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McGrath Estate Agents

XM : Dream it! Begin it!

Discover how McGrath Estate Agents created a program to transform itself and the industry through Experience Management.

David Watson|General Manager CX, Systems & Innovation

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EmployeeXM Breakouts

Davidson Group

Something that mattered

Bruce Davidson shares his learnings, mistakes, and wins six years on from transforming his recruitment business into a workplace performance consultancy.

Bruce Davidson|CEO

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A fireside chat with Julie Larson-Green

An in-depth Q&A with Qualtrics CXO Julie Larson-Green explores how Qualtrics delivers an exceptional employee experience.

Julie Larson-Green|Chief Experience Officer

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Changing how Telstra works & leads - Transforming EX to achieve strategic business outcomes

Telstra lifts the lid on how it's radically changing how the company works and leads to support its T22 strategy.

Casey Hotham|Head of Employee Experience

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What would Buzzfeed do? How our team cultivates an authentic EX (& so can you)

Join Buzzfeed’s Max Brawer to learn how the company uses the employee survey as a foundation for innovative people practices that drive impact.

Max Brawer|People Analytics Lead

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Research & Insights Breakouts


Using research & insights to cut through the noise and build a brand that truly stands out

Learn how Finder - the largest comparison site in Australia - has transformed from tech start up to household name with global presence, and how it competes in a highly competitive market.

Steve Lockwood|Head of Insights & Marketing Analytics

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The role of modern research: 5 principles that help Chobani deliver exceptional product & brand experiences

Learn the underlying principles that guide Chobani’s new product development process and how the brand delivers breakthrough innovations.

Maria Voronina|Senior Brand Manager

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Education Breakouts


Student Success: Using experience as a leading indicator to drive continuous learning & improvement

Samantha Murray from Qualtrics highlights the three improvement questions that form the foundation of a measurement program, how these enables effective experience research, and what the program model looks like in practice.

Samantha Murray|Education XM Scientist

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Early Learning: A breakthrough sector for CX and Marketing

G8's Greg Bowell explains how best practice customer and people experience thinking can supercharge marketing for social change and commercial growth in the education sector.

Greg Bowell|General Manager Marketing

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Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

Listening and Learning - A pre to post education system's experience using Qualtrics

Discover how the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is enhancing the experiences of students, teachers and families by listening and learning in order to improve service delivery.

Greg Whitby|Executive Director

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Rebuilding the University - Learning Experiences in the 21st Century

This presentation explores how learning will need to change in our brave new world, and considers how higher education institutions might need to respond.

Professor Sherman Young|Associate Deputy VC Education

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XM Breakouts


Building your experience management roadmap

Bruce Temkin presents the latest thinking from the Qualtrics XM Institute. He shares the 6 competencies and 20 skills that drive XM success.

Bruce Temkin|CCXP, Head of Qualtrics XM Institute

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