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The most sophisticated online survey platform on the planet

Get answers to your most important customer, brand, employee, and product questions with survey software that can handle everything from simple questionnaires to detailed research projects for the world’s biggest brands.

  • Design surveys with our intuitive drag-and-drop tool, 50+ survey templates, and 100+ question types
  • Reach respondents wherever they are, with surveys on mobile devices, apps, websites, and more
  • Integrate your surveys into your existing systems like Salesforce, Marketo, and Adobe

The world’s best brands trust Qualtrics

Loved by analysts. Adored by customers.

Qualtrics has been named a leader by Gartner. And our customers are pretty happy too…

Ready to take your surveys to the next level?

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Ultimate flexibility

  • Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required
  • Customize your survey with intuitive and powerful flow logic
  • Integrate your surveys into your existing systems like Zendesk, Marketo, Adobe and many more
  • Reach respondents wherever they are with surveys on mobile devices, apps, websites, chatbots and many more

Any channel, anytime, to anyone


Send individual or anonymous links for broad reach and quick responses from any list. Send yoursurveys from Qualtrics or your own email service, your choice.

Social media

Easily distribute surveys on social media — just pick your platform and link it directly to your survey.

Mobile devices

SMS. Mobile browsers. In your app. However your respondents use their mobile device, make sure you can reach them.

Best-in-class analysis and reporting

Analyze open text responses faster than ever.

Automatically built reports, with the best visualizations selected for each question type.

Create, share, and collaborate on custom online reports that automatically update in real-time.

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