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Turn customers into fanatics

Qualtrics Customer Experience is the world’s most agile platform for customer experience improvement, making it easy for companies to monitor, respond, and improve every key moment along the customer journey and incorporate customer feedback into every decision. Read More

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Qualtrics helps organisations reduce customer churn, optimise acquisition, and increase loyalty by…


Measure & Baseline

Measure customer experience at every touchpoint along the customer journey and establish baselines to measure future performance.


Prioritise & Predict

Predict customer needs and trends. Identify and prioritise key drivers of customer experience.


Act & optimise

Track progress against baselines, and drive continuous customer experience improvement through closed loop feedback and strategic customer experience improvement.


Start conversations in every key moment

Wherever and however your customers interact with you, talk to you, or talk about you — Qualtrics creates a natural conversation between you and your customers. With far and away the widest selection of feedback channels and integrations, Qualtrics gives you the ability to converse with clients or prospects anywhere.

World’s leading digital experience solution

In the Internet of Things (IoT) age, more of your customer interactions are happening online, in-app, and beyond. This means that more of your customer’s experiences and perceptions will be based on purely digital interactions. Qualtrics is the only platform powerful enough to provide an omni-channel view of the customer experience across any digital interaction today and wherever the future may go.

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  • Prioritise and predict how digital experiences impact your overall customer experience.
  • Engage with users in key digital journeys with sophisticated targeting using over 20 behavioural, location, and device variables.
  • Optimise conversions and ensure that your digital interactions improve your brand experience rather than detract from it.

Go beyond analytics—get predictive

Qualtrics predictive intelligence technology eliminates tedious manual work and helps organisations easily understand key experience drivers and insights buried deep in data. With the power to predict customer experience drivers and model impact on overall NPS, Qualtrics makes it possible to continually deliver ahead of customer expectations.

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Intelligent Text

Open text insights reveal the deepest insights about how customers feel. Qualtrics analyses open text, automatically suggests relevant topics, and assigns sentiment scores to individual text comments.

Key Drivers

Knowing which customer experience improvements matter most is hard. That’s why Qualtrics automatically prioritises key experience drivers so you know where to focus your efforts.

Advanced Statistics

Qualtrics automatically relates dozens of variables and identifies statistically significant relationships so you know which part of your customer journey needs attention.

Predictive Regression

Qualtrics automatically runs the appropriate regression analysis and enables real-time regression modeling so you can understand the impact of your initiatives before you invest time and money.

Insights drive actions. Right on the platform

Qualtrics Customer Experience is designed to drive action for your entire organisation. Qualtrics makes it easy to know which parts of your customer journey need attention, prioritise strategic action, share relevant dashboards across the organisation, and close the loop on every customer interaction.

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  • Share role-based dashboards, set improvement goals at every level of the organisation and visualise performance and trend vs. target.
  • Automated actions and notifications whenever there is a detractor. Make sure negative experiences are followed up on with closed loop ticketing.
Qualtrics closed loop ticketing lets you follow up on every customer interaction so nothing falls through the cracks.

Advanced capability. Drag-and-drop simplicity

When you depend on external partners to manage your customer experience, not only does every change cost you time and money, but it also distances you from your customer. Qualtrics puts you back in the driver’s seat and provides the most powerful research platform to make improvements to your program in real time and at no additional cost.

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  • Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required
  • Intuitive, drag and drop simplicity increases program adoption and buy-in
  • Leverage 100+ question types, embedded data, advanced branching and display logic, quotas, email triggers, mobile and offline compatibility, randomisation, and every advanced feature you need

Seamlessly integrate with CRM and operational systems

Customer experience management programs that aren’t woven into the fabric of organisations usually fail. Enable teams to improve how they operate on a day-to-day basis by integrating with the workflow and systems already in place.

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Automatic Account Details

Ensure customer data automatically populates with customer account detail and transaction history with full CRM integration.

Natural Communication

Allow teams to easily share, collaborate, and respond to customer insights through natural communication channels including Slack, SMS, email, etc.

Contextual Integration

View digital customer feedback in context of behavioural and profile data via integrations with Google, Adobe, and other analytics tools.

World-class expertise and dedicated client success teams

Leverage our end-to-end program expertise to deliver a program that fits any level of sophistication and scale. With an organisation of over 260 experts including Ph.D.-level program methodologists, industry experts, client engineers, program managers, and implementation specialists, there is no objective we cannot deliver.

  • 160,000 customer studies running across 90 countries and 58 languages.
  • Obtain immediate assistance via 24/7 on-call product experts.
  • Easily deploy sophisticated custom solutions with client engineering team.
  • Ensure your program meets state of the art standards with Ph.D.-level industry and subject matter expertise.

Improving the Customer Experience for more than 9,000 brands

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Prior to implementing Qualtrics, Volkswagen Group Australia measured only customer satisfaction. With the migration to Qualtrics Volkswagen Australia has taken the opportunity to further evolve our customer experience program. With the assistance of the Qualtrics platform Volkswagen now has a deeper understanding of the customers experience while also providing dealerships with real-time alerts to areas of customer dissatisfaction. We were looking for a platform that would help accelerate our obsession for delivering a consistently premium customer experience. This required a platform that would evolve with our program, the Qualtrics platform gave us this.

The most important aspects of our Voice of Customer (VoC) program are the ability to connect with our customers, derive insights and turn them into action in direct response to customer feedback. If we continually focus on listening and responding to the voice of our customers then we go a long way towards delivering a great customer experience. The bank chose Qualtrics to support our VoC program because we needed a partner that would let us grow the program in an evolutionary manner. We started small and added different metrics, surveys, and channels as the program grew. We are continually extending the program to iterate and improve our processes, and to make sure we are engaging with customers with relevance and deriving tangible insights.

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