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Increase customer retention by predicting churn, taking action, and activating the organisation

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Understanding customer experience and predicting churn is critical to improving customer retention. With Qualtrics, you can combine experience data and operational data to help you predict individual customer behaviour, and take action before it is too late.

  • Understand the drivers of customer churn
  • Automatically identify at-risk customers
  • Define thresholds for taking action based on the likelihood of churn
  • Easily create tickets and take immediate action for closed-loop follow-up
  • Impact the bottom line by reducing churn

Qualtrics Dashboard - customer churn prediction dashboard

Improve customer retention with the world’s leading customer experience platform

Deliver personalised customer interactions at scale

Move beyond legacy feedback collection and start conversations with customers wherever they are through apps, websites, email, SMS, chatbots and many more. Measure customer feedback to assess and diagnose key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Predict what customers will do next and act

Surface insights that help you anticipate customer needs, predict churn, and focus on the most impactful actions for the business.

Embed CX throughout your organisation

By embedding CX into your employees’ daily routines and the tools and processes they already use, everyone can effectively close the loop with at-risk customers and reduce attrition.

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Measure customer experience through every channel

Measure experience across the customer lifecycle. With Qualtrics Customer Experience™ you can collect customer feedback through:

  • Email
  • Chatbots and messaging apps
  • Text or SMS
  • Mobile web and apps
  • many more

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Use customer experience data to predict and prevent customers from leaving

Qualtrics helps you use your customer experience data to make powerful predictions about customer behaviour, such as their likelihood to churn. With Predict iQ, you can bring together experience data with your operational data, such as spend or repeat visits, to predict behaviour and its potential outcome on your core operational metrics, so you can take action when your customers need it most.

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Qualtrics predict what feedback will lead to churn

Take action across the organisation with powerful dashboards and action planning tools

Put the right data in front of the right person with role-based dashboards for every stakeholder from the leadership team to the frontline. Enable the organisation to take action with at-risk customers with a comprehensive closed-loop solution and action planning tools.

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What is customer retention and churn software?

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Customer retention software helps you measure and understand the customer’s journey and the experiences they have, from relational to transactional experiences, such as purchase or post-support follow-up. By combining this experience data with operational data, you can surface key insights, such as likelihood to churn. With closed-loop and action planning tools, users can follow up with at-risk customers to improve retention and reduce the need to acquire new customers.